God’s Appointed Times

I am jumping ahead today because we are now in the time of Passover.  In Leviticus 23, we find God’s appointed times listed.  God  proclaims 7  feasts/festival times.  Seven means complete in righteousness. These are His appointed times of remembrance of Him and His righteousness as well as fellowship with God and His people.  We are on the other end of the Bible, so it is now obvious that God’s appointed feast days are all prophetic and point towards/foreshadow Yeshua/Jesus.

The first one discussed in Leviticus is the Sabbath….or 7th day of the week.  We have already seen in Genesis how God rested on the 7th day from His creation labors and instructed mankind to also rest and fellowship with Him on that day.  God also included this in His 10 commandments, saying, “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.”  I will also mention that God also instructed a Year of Jubilee.  After 7 x 7 years, the 50th year was to be a year of Jubilee, meaning all debts forgiven.  God also instructed a 7th year of rest for the cultivation of the land…they could labor on it for 6 years, but let it rest in the 7th year.  God believes in rest, relief, and a new start!  Ultimately, Yeshua Jesus is our restored relationship with God unto peace and rest….no more striving with sin.

Next, we come to Passover and Unleavened Bread.  This is the appointed feast of our Lord that we find ourselves in right now, in the beginning Spring of the year.  For the Old Testament Israelites, it was a reminder of how God delivered them from slavery in Egypt.  So, it is the feast that saves…or the feast of salvation!  In the 10th plague of the messenger of death, the Israelites were instructed to brush the blood of the spotless lamb sacrifice on the sides and top of their doorpost and stay inside; in that way death would “pass over” them.  In the New Testament, we find that Yeshua Jesus is our spotless sacrificial lamb who takes away the sin of the world through His shed blood and sets us free from slavery to the world (Egypt).  We should stay inside Him. We also find that Yeshua Jesus is the eternal Life that overcomes death.

Passover lasted 7 days.  The second day of Passover is called “Unleavened Bread”.  In the Old Testament, the Israelites celebrated this in remembrance that God had told them to eat the whole lamb, be dressed with sandals on their feet, and have unleavened bread ready to travel immediately (no time to let the leavening rise in leavened bread).  They were to be prepared to go immediately.  We also see that in Leviticus and again in the New Testament, leaven represents the spread of sin (Exodus 12; Matthew 16: 6-11). They were not to eat/partake in any leavened bread of sin.  Why?  Because Yeshua Jesus is without sin and we are supposed to partake in Him….He is the Bread of Life.  He is the spotless Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (Revelation 5:6).

These are but a few of the foreshadowings of Yeshua the Messiah in Passover…there are many more!  As I said, ALL the feasts of God are prophetic forshadowing of Yeshua Jesus the Messiah and Savior!  Books have been written on this subject.

Now, here is another significant point concerning God’s 7 feasts and their fulfillment in Yeshua Jesus the Messiah Savior……Yeshua Jesus has been fulfilling them on the actual day of their designated celebration time!

Yeshua Jesus fulfilled Passover and Unleavened Bread in that same week prior to and including his crucifixion. Remember, the Lord’s Supper was actually a celebration of the Passover feast!  You remember from communion texts that Yeshua Jesus said the wine to signified His blood shed for them and the bread as His body broken for them!  He was crucified during Passover….at the very same time religious Jews were sacrificing spotless lambs in the temple!

Below is a short list of the rest of the feasts and their prophetic significance:

Feast of Firstfruits – Yeshua Jesus is the first fruits of resurrection from the dead!  For the Christian, this is resurrection day!  Not Easter, which is a Roman Spring festival to celebrate reproduction and fertility.  The Roman government and Roman Catholic Church combined both religious celebration so all would be happy and they could hold unified power over all the people.

Pentecost – the count of 7 x 7 days with celebration on the 50th day.  Remember the significance of “7” as God’s perfect and holy completion.  Pentecost marked the summer harvest…and required a  “new meat” offering.  One offering was for 2 loaves of bread, both leavened.  This is the way God represented 2 groups of sinners, Jews and Gentiles, now coming to the Lord God.  Pentecost is also when the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples and early church faithful….”new meat”  with “new wine” and a “new summer harvest”….at a time of multiplied righteous completion, people now justified and sanctified through the sacrifice of Yeshua Jesus and sealed by the Holy Spirit…both Jews and Gentiles!

We see that all these four feasts have been fulfilled already!  None of the last 3 Fall feast have been fulfilled yet….so something we should know about and watch for!

The Feast of Trumpets – Remember when Abraham was willing to sacrifice Isaac, but instead a ram was given for the sacrifice?  For Israel, that makes the rams horn very significant as a trumpet…called a shofar.   This feast usually occurs in September (depending on the moon – as Israelites followed a lunar calendar).  One significant thing about this feast is that for 7 months prior to this feast, each month a trumpet would sound to mark one month closer to the Day of Atonement.  This is because when this final trumpet blows after The Feast of Trumpets, the Day of Atonement/Day of Judgment comes.  If you do not repent before that day, then you are lost.  So, the trumpet was warning to repent.  We also find there are 7 trumpets sounded in the Book of Revelation.  Plus, Yeshua Jesus returns to earth at the sound of the last trumpet!  Awesome!

The Day of Atonement – Day of Judgment: The Bible says we will all stand before the throne of God in the day of judgment.  Also, the last day of this age is called the Lord’s Day or the Last Day of Judgment.  I believe this last day is when we see the 7 bowls of wrath poured out in the book of Revelation.

The Feast of Tabernacles – The Old Testament worshippers remembered this as the time that God was with them in the Tabernacle in the wilderness…how He sheltered them in every place.  Today, they build temporary shelters in their yard to remember and thank God and fellowship together.  But, the Bible also talks about God’s new tabernacle in Jerusalem during His Kingdom age.  In that millennial age, Yeshua Jesus will rule from Jerusalem and “tabernacle” or live with us. We also know that in the New Testament, we are taught that we, His children, are His tabernacle and that He lives in us!

Do you see the significance of these appointed times of our Lord?  It is good that we still remember them and watch for their fulfillment.  They honor Yeshua Jesus!  They testify of Him as the one and only true Messiah Savior!  I do not believe God has changed concerning His opinion of these significant feast times.  Yet, as a New Testament believer, we are not limited to only these days….we should be fellowshipping with Him continually, every day!  Remember, Yeshua Jesus said that man was not made for the Sabbath, but rather the Sabbath made for the man.  They are a gift, not an enslaving “law”.

Blessings to you this Passover and Resurrection Day as you celebrate our Savior Yeshua Jesus!

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