Genesis 10

Genesis 10 has more on Noah’s descendants. Notice the line of Ham to Cush to Nimrod who built wicked Babel/Babylonia and Ninevah (remember Jonah who comes later?).  Some of his sons became the Philistines (remember Goliath, the Philistine who comes later?). Cannan is also a son of Ham and from him come evil Sodom and Gomorrah (remember Lot’s story that comes later?).

Chapter 11 tells us about rebellion of these descendants when they determined to build a tower to the heavens to be like God (humanism).  God did not want this evil to strengthen, so He confused their tongues and scattered the people…at the place called Babel.

The chapter ends with the good news of Shem’s righteous descendant Abraham. Verse 31 tells us that Abram’s father, Terah, began the journey from Ur of the Chaldeans with Abram and Lot…but died in Haran.  In chapter 12, we will find God telling Abram to continue on to the land of Canaan.


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