Genesis 12

One comment concerning last post about the tower of Babel.  Did you know the European Union uses the Tower of Babel as its symbol? Did you know they even built the EU Parliament Building in Strasbourg to look like the famous painting of the Tower of Babel? You can check it out online by searching “EU parliament tower of babel”.

Now, in Genesis 12, God speaks to Abram telling him to leave His country and extended family (tribe) to go possess Canaan…with the promise to prosper and protect him. Abram goes with his wife Sarai, Lot, his servants, and all he owns….by faith in God and in obedience.  Remember the Canaanites were ungodly and therefore under the curse. I believe God was restoring this area to righteousness through Abram.  There is something special about this land…it also becomes the place for New Jerusalem in the Millennial Age.

We find a horrible famine in that land.  I think because it is under the curse and ruled by evil ungodly people..the Canaanites…not under God’s protection.  Abram reacts by going to Egypt where there is food.  We find later that Jacob has the same reaction to famine…leading to finding Joseph…remember?

First, Abram went to Egypt for fear of famine…his fear increases as he thinks they may kill him to take his beautiful wife.  He tells “a little white lie” …. say you are my sister…and Sarai really was his half sister…same father, but different mothers…Genesis 20:12. Pharaoh takes her into his harem for proposed wife and gives Abram great riches in exchange. This brings 7 plagues to Egypt. God protects Abram and Sarai even when Abram does wrong…God is faithful to His Word, even when we fail.  Abram is sent out of Egypt under Pharaoh’s orders.  Any of this sound familiar…like foreshadowing for Abram’s descendants to learn from?10

Later, we find Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt at the command of Pharoah…leaving after 10 plagues…possessing the riches of Egypt…and it also began with family (brothers) selling out a sibling.

I have done studies about how Joseph is a foreshadowing of Jesus.  I will let you research that yourself. This could also be prophetic for Revelation….God’s bride is sold out to the world (Egypt) because there is natural desire for food in a cursed land…God protects His people in His faithfulness, even when they fail…the plagues come to judge evil and deliver His bride from the house of the world.  His bride leaves with Him possessing riches.


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