Genesis 15

God promises Abram he will have descendants of his own seed, as many as the stars in heaven.  Abram believes God and puts faith in Him.  I wonder how many people today have Abram’s physical DNA….through Isaac and Ishmael.

More importantly, the New Testament teaches us in Galatians 3…that Jesus is the promised Seed (singular) of Abraham…and if we are  in Jesus…we are also Abraham’s seed of promise.

Verse 7…God reminds Abram that He is the God who also promised the land when Abram followed in obedience.  Abraham wanted to make covenant …. so blood covenant was made by animal sacrifice.  He has to chase away vultures.  Do you see the significance of these things?  Life is in the blood….Jesus shedding His blood for us…chasing away the fowl evil death birds trying to steal and consume?

Abram has a prophetic nightmare…his descendants being enslaved in Egypt for 400 years , 4 generations, and then set free to return to Promised Land with Egypt’s riches.  Abram himself will live a long life in peace.  God’s fire consumes the sacrifice.

Verse 16 is interesting…delay in possessing the land is due to wickedness and guilt of Amorites not being finished.   My Amplified Bible reference says the Amorites were the main people in Canaan…known for their superstitions and satanistic mysticism practices.  God is full of grace…and just….and faithful to His promises at the right time.  He just lives on a different timeline than we do.


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