Genesis 8:18 continued

Continue in Genesis 8:18…they depart the ark and worship God. The rainbow is set in the sky as a reminder of God’s covenant to never destroy evil mankind and earth with water again. How ironic that the rainbow has been stolen as a symbol of immorality…mocking God’s Grace towards sinful man.

The beginning of chapter 9 deals with respect for blood. It makes me aware that justice says that murder requires the blood of the murderer.

Starting in verse 18, we find Noah’s descendants.  We find the reasoning for their blessing and cursing.  I think this one situation of not respecting the father shows the hearts and character of each son. Remember God’s commandment to honor father and mother to live long and prosper? This lines up with a God teaching us to honor and respect Him as our Heavenly Father.

Shem is blessed. Canaan, the son of Ham, is made the servant to Shem and Japheth.  The land of Japheth is enlarged.

Pin Genesis 10, we see the beginning of this fulfillment.  Shem is the ancestor of the Israelites….who become Abraham unto Yeshua Jesus…who blesses all nations. Ham/Canaan become Egypt, some Arab nations, and into Africa….those who still strive and struggle in this world for those without Jesus. Japheth moves north towards Turkey, later into Russia and Europe…later America….a large land. If you would take time to research the countries listed here and their names today, you would see these blessing and cursing prophesies are true and still being fulfilled. His Word is always true!


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