Discerning Where You Live

Do you discern the time we are living in?  Have you ever studied about the dream Daniel interpreted for the king concerning worldly kingdoms as revealed in a statue? Have you ever wondered why there is such a gap between the Roman Empire thigh through the long legs into the feet and toes (last kingdom)?  I believe it is because Satan has been building the last days kingdom since the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD.  Remember also that Jesus told His followers that things would begin shortly.  And remember that Daniel’s dream was with animals representing kingdoms and a great horrible frightening beast to represent the last kingdom before the return of Jesus?  Those same animal images are reflected in the two beasts of Revelation.

The first beast demands rule (government, military) and tramples to consume, destroy, and conquer the whole globe.  This beast comes out of the sea of nations.  It has been growing and gaining strength under the depths of the sea….unseen…hidden.  The second beast  is out of the Promised Land.  It rules with the first beast…and promotes worship of the beast as a global religion.  These beasts are anti-Christ…meaning against Christ and instead of Christ.  The Babylon whore (one intended to be a bride in Jerusalem) rides the first beast…selling herself for luxury and pleasure….in worldliness…to the point of drinking the lifeblood of the saints.

The signifying mark of the beast system is 666.  If you understand the meaning of numbers in Hebrew, you will understand this mark.  The number 777 is the mark of God because 7 is for righteous perfection….and God is 3 in one number….Father, Son Yeshua Jesus, and Holy Spirit.  The number 6 is the number of man.  So, the number 666 is man being god over himself….humanism.  Humanism is anti-Christ.  It does not recognize God…it does not humble itself to God’s authority….it lifts itself or man up to worship or idolize in pride and power…in mans’ own knowledge and abilities…setting up its own standards of morality and righteousness instead of pursuing Truth.  Yeshua Jesus is the ONLY Way, Truth, and Life.

You are either marked by the blood of the Lamb and sealed with the King’s seal of the Holy Spirit or you are still in the fallen kingdom under Satan who tells you that you can live and rule over yourself and others.  This is the same lie Satan has been deceiving with since the Garden of Eden!  He says, “You can determine your own standards of good and evil…you can live by your own knowledge…you can be like god for yourself!”

Several months ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “the beast is rising out of the sea”.  That means the beast is visible for those who are watching.  Recently, I heard, “the beast is approaching the shoreline.”  It is time…everyone will need to choose which mark they will live under.  There will be no more opportunity for walking middle ground. No room to say you are a Christian, but choose to walk the humanistic world’s way.  The time will come that if you do walk the world’s humanistic system, enforced by its’ government and religion…you will not be able to buy or sell for its goods.  Start to learn to use God’s supply systems.  In Revelation, Jesus tells the Laodicean church to buy goods from Him.  We live in the world, but not of it.  We have a lot to learn quickly.  DO NOT be like Lot’s wife and look back to desire the world’s humanistic way.

Bear the mark of Christ.  God has always love you and wants you in His kingdom…living in His good righteousness…in His family.  Father gave His Son to pay your penalty…Son Yeshua Jesus died and bore your sin…Holy Spirit is in this fallen world today to call you…convict you of sin…leading you to repentance and change…that you might believe in have faith in, live for, rely on Yeshua Jesus and become a son or daughter of God, being thankful for His sovereign, good, righteous power and authority….delighted to submit to Him as Father and Bridegroom and Master and Lord.  He desires what is best for you…because He is love.  Know Him in love committed relationship by a vow of confession as in marriage…and then follow Him and submit to His authority as a wife submits to her beloved husband…as a child submits to a loving father. It is the best life!  It is the purpose we were created for…to be the objects of His love and fellowship!

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