Genesis 18

In Genesis 18, the Lord and two angels come to tell Abraham and Sarah that within a year she will give birth to a son.  Sarah is much past child bearing age…she laughs…remember Isaac means “laughter”.  What amazes me is that it says “the Lord and two angels” came.  How did Abraham know it was the Lord and two angels and not 3 angels?  He must have really come to know the Lord after walking with Him for so long! After all those years…the promise was being fulfilled…and in a miraculous manner.  There would be no doubt this was of God!

The second part of the chapter, we find the Lord stays with Abraham discussing Sodom and Gomorrah…while the two angels go down there.  Abraham asks God to spare the city….asking to the point of only 10 righteous people living there.  I wonder if Abraham thought there must be at least 10 righteous in Lot’s household, including any servants….so he stopped at 10.  God grants Abraham’s request, but there are not even 10 righteous there.  Notice, the Holy Lord does not go down to the unrighteous city…He sends His angels.

Remember, Lot chose to go this way when he separated from Abraham.  That decision led to ruining his life and the lives of his family…he also lost all his prosperity. By living in a place of wickedness, he began to tolerate it…that is what his family began to learn and live.  We will see those results in the next chapter.




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