Genesis 19 Slippery Slope

In Genesis 19 we read about Lot sliding down a slippery slope and its’ consequences.  Remember that Lot knew righteous living by his days living under Abraham.  His livestock was so big that he had to separate from Abraham.  Abraham let Lot choose which way he would go.  The day comes when all parents have to let their children choose which way they will go.  Lot messed up.  He did not ask God or even Abraham for advice.  He chose the valley because it looked good to him.  The next mistake was to move into wicked Sodom and Gomorrah instead of staying rural outside that evil worldly culture.  Why was this a mistake?  Because first he just tolerated their differences…but then he befriended them and sat at the gate with the men and betrothed his daughters to their sons.  His wife became infatuated with “city life”.

Now, Lot is at the gate when the two angels arrive.  Amazingly, he still recognizes righteousness and knows they are angels!  Everyone else sees them as attractive men.  Lot demands they stay at his home for safety….knowing the wickedness of the city.  So, why is Lot still choosing to live in and expose his family to this wicked place?

How evil is this place?  ALL the men…from young to every quarter…come to take the angels so they can rape them!  Lot’s solution is to offer His virgin betrothed daughters instead…WHAT?  Lot has learned unrighteousness.  The angels save the day by blinding and overpowering the enemies…and pronounce judgment.  Lot offers his future son-in-laws to escape, but they think it is a joke.

Yet, in all this obvious evil, the angels have to grab them by their hands and pull them out before destruction….oh, the grace of God!  They are warned to NOT look back with desire but Lot’s wife has become too obsessed and addicted and looks back…to her death.  Bad consequences for Lot too.  His daughters have also been taught the cultural norms of the city.  They determine they need descendants, so they plan getting their father drunk and having sons through him.  These sons one day become heads of family tribes that become enemies of Israel.  Had they asked God and waited for Him to provide good husbands, there might have been good consequences instead.

So, do you see the lessons we can learn from righteous choices following God compared to going the way we determine looks best or is promoted by others? Evil is a slippery slope and a dangling carrot…it makes evil look good…and what is really the good choice look undesirable.  God is not mocked…bad seed produces bad fruit…but even then, His grace can save and overcome evil if we turn around and follow Him!


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