Genesis 22

Genesis 22…God tests Abraham’s faith and commitment by asking him to sacrifice his promised son Isaac.  In verse 5, Abraham tells the two young men with them that they should wait until he and Isaac return.  Abraham knows Isaac is the promised so who God will use to fulfill His covenant of many descendants…so he determines that God must plan to raise Isaac from the dead!  This is confirmed in Hebrews 11: 17-18.  That is strong faith/trust in God that He keeps His promises and that He is able, even the source and giver of life.

In Genesis 22:8, when Isaac inquires about the animal for the sacrifice, Abraham replies, “My son, God will provide for Himself a lamb for the burnt offering.”  This demonstrates Abraham’s faith, but he is also prophesying about Yeshua Jesus, the Messiah, who would be the sacrificial Lamb given by the Father for the remission of sin…and then be raised from the dead.  This reminds me of a characteristic of covenant…being willing to give as much or even more than you expect to receive.  Abraham was completely “sold out” to God and totally loyal.

We can easily how Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac points to our Creator Heavenly Father’s sacrifice of His Son Yeshua for the remission of sin.

In verse 14, Abraham names the place, “YHWH Jireh” which means …. the Lord will see to it…or also, the Lord will provide.  Remembering that YHWH means…the Supreme I AM…we see here…I AM the One who will see to it…I AM the One who provides.  We will see in the future how God uses this pattern often in naming Himself…to help us learn who He is, His character, His ways.  Do you pray in faith to YHWH Jireh…the One who will see to it…and have the faith like Abraham to know He will?  Or do you pray and then turn around and worry?  Can you trust that He hears and answers your prayers?  Do you take time to listen to Him?

God again speaks His covenant blessing of promise to Abraham and his Seed…notice Seed is singular and not plural.  Abraham is promised multitudes of descendants but more importantly…his Seed of Yeshua Jesus is prophesied…the One who will conquer the enemy and bless all nations!  This is verified in Galatians 3:16.  Galatians goes on to explain that this covenant promise of a Messiah was through faith and not law.  The law of Moses does not come for many years yet!

We are not saved by obeying laws or good works…we are saved buy faith and being in covenant with God through Yeshua Jesus.  Ephesians 2: 4-10

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have been planning this since the foundation of the world!  The Bible shows how it has all been unfolding.  How awesome is our God!

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