Genesis 23-24

Sarah dies and Abraham buys a cave and surrounding land for burial of Sarah.  Later, Abraham, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, and Leah will also be buried there (Genesis 49:31. 50:13).

Genesis 24, Abraham sends the man he most trusts to his family of origin to find a wife for Isaac.  Verse 10 says…the city of Nahor, the home of Abraham’s brother.  Abraham makes him promise that in no way is Isaac supposed to move back there, even if a woman will not come along.

Through prayer this man finds the right woman. Notice, Rebekah is the sister of Laban.  That will be significant later when Rebekah sends her favored son, Jacob, back to her family.  At that time, Laban takes advantage of Jacob to gain wealth.  Notice verse 30 that now when Laban sees the valuable gifts, he quickly welcomes the gift giver.  We see already that Laban is highly motivated by wealth.  In verse 53, we read that Laban and Rebekah’s mother also received gifts.  They seem happy to marry off Rebekah to a wealthy man.  Isaac and Rebekah get married.

Easy read this time.

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