Genesis 25

Did you know that after Sarah died, Abraham married again?  and had 6 more children?  That is what is says here.  Abraham had Ishmael and all his other children move out of the area, giving them enough to start a good life, but he gave his land and inheritance to Isaac, in line with his covenant with God.  Abraham dies and was buried next to Sarah.

Next, we find the descendants through Ishmael and Isaac.  Interesting to note that Ismael had 12 sons who became princes/sheiks of their own tribes and territories.  Later, we will come to the 12 tribes of Israel…from the 12 sons of Jacob, son of Isaac.

Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, is not conceiving, so Isaac prays and she has twins.  The Lord tells her they will struggle, one being stronger, but the elder will serve the younger.  Esau, the older, is named due to the name meaning “hairy”…and later he is also called Edom which means “red”.  This is because he scorns his birthright by selling it to Jacob for a meal of red lentil soup…..immediate gratification of the flesh.  It was the birthright of the firstborn to take… over as head of house upon the father passing as well as get a double share of inheritance. Thus, the beginning of fulfilled prophesy.

Esau was of the “I want it now” crowd.  It also appears he was more focused on his pleasures and “do what I want to do”….he loved hunting and the outdoors and likely did not want responsibility of the household leader anyway…he was hungry now!  We find in the last verse of the next chapter that Esau did not change his ways.  He married two pagan women…and they were both a source of grief and bitterness to Isaac and Rebekah.

Jacob means supplanter…to trip up…because he was holding Esau’s heel at birth.  His life and story is coming.

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