Genesis 27

We discover that Isaac favors Esau and Rebekah favors Jacob.  It is never a good idea for parents to play favorites with their children.

We also read how Rebekah and Jacob  trick Isaac and Esau so that Jacob receives the blessing.  The blessing gave family power over siblings and dominance in prosperity.  Esau had already sold his firstborn birthright inheritance to Jacob.  So, Esau was left with nothing but his own ability with the sword and arrow.  The Bible says we reap what we sow.  Now, Esau realizes his loss and weeps loudly, begging for something,…anything.  Later, we will find that Jacob will also reap from his trickery and stealing.  Laban will trick and steal from him.

Remember that Esau means “hairy” and we see that as an adult, he is still hairy.  He is also called Edom because he traded his birthright for red lentil soup.  In verse 36, Esau judges Jacob as rightly named….meaning supplanter because he was holding Esau’s heel at birth  To supplant means to trip up or to overthrow.  God had also prophesied to Rebekah when the twins struggles inside her womb…that the elder would serve the younger.  Prophecy in their names and what was spoken to Rebekah was coming true.

Esau hates Jacob and determines to kill him. Rebekah requests  Isaac to send Jacob to her brother Laban to find a wife.  This is the same way Isaac got Rebekah, plus the wives of Esau from that area have been found insolent…so Isaac agrees.   Rebekah never sees Jacob again…that might be her consequence for deception.


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