Genesis 28-31

– Isaac and Rebekah send Jacob to Rebekah’s brother Laban to find a wife from his tribe.  Isaac was not as wise as his father Abraham.  Remember that Abraham was called out to separate from his extended family because they worshipped false gods….and he had instructed his trusted man to go back to his extended famiojely to find a wife for Isaac, but also promise to never let Isaac go back there.  Now, Isaac is allowing Jacob to go there…at Rebekah’s request…and there will be consequences.  Remember, that Rebekah was raised in an Qdol worshipping household.  Notice how many times the patriarchs get into trouble because they listen to a wife who is thinking unrighteously.  We also have times in the Bible where women are a good influence for righteousness.  Who you marry makes a big difference!  Who you listen to makes a big difference!  Make sure you take time to listen to God!

We are learning that man’s plans (humanism), even if we think we are doing God’s will, end up in a mess…and there’s are consequences to live with.  Rebekah remembers God’s prophecy that the older will serve the younger, so favoring the younger, she makes her own plan to work this out.  While Jacob does get the blessing from Isaac, she will never see her favored son again or his children…. she lives with a blind husband, scornful son, and insolent and grievous daughter-in-laws.  Will we learn to wait on God and trust Him to fulfill His promises, even if it takes the risk of trusting even when we cannot see and/or it takes a long time? Abraham did the same thing in taking Hagar to conceive Ishmael…the consequences continue to this day.

Jacob falls in love with Rachel, Laban’s youngest daughter.  Jacob reaps the deception he sowed and now is tricked into service to Laban.  Laban reaps the deception he sowed and God multiples Jacob’s spotted and speckled flocks more than Laban’s unmarked flocks.  Laban also loses his daughters and grandchildren when Jacob decides to return home to his father in the promised land….with his family and possessions.  Notice the numbers Jacob worked for Laban …. 7 years for Leah, 7 years for Rachel, and 6 years for his flocks…leaving in the 7th year…777.  Jacob worked a total of 20 years….2 x 10 …meaning opposed completion.

Other things I noticed in these chapters:

Esau is still ignorant and distracted concerning spiritual righteousness.  He is strong and a self sufficient hunter, who is proud being his father’s favorite.  But, he did not feel the need for God’s  blessing or even double inheritance from his father. He weeps when Jacob is blessed to be above him.  Esau marries two Canaanite women who are a source of grief and bitterness to his parents. When he notices their favor of Jacob’s future wife from extended family, he marries a woman from the tribe of Ishmael.  Remember, Ishmael was also an arrogant fighting man. Like Cain, Esau is unrepentant, and sticks to his pride.  Instead of repenting of his scorn of God’s blessings, he vows to kill his brother Jacob.

Beginning  in Genesis 28:10, we. find Jacob’s dream of the stairway to heaven.  The God of Abraham and Isaac restates His covenant promise and that it will cohntinue through Jacob.  God has been faithful to come to the patriarchs of each generation to continue to speak His promise.  It only takes one generation to forget God and His promises.  We can see from Jacob’s response that he was also not in close fellowship with God.  His father and  mother may not have taught him.  Verse 16, ge realizes that God surely is in this place, but does not yet realize that God is everywhere,,,so he marks this place. In verse 20, Jacob tries to make a deal with God…that if God really is with him, he will make God a monument there when he returns and give 1/10 of his goods.  God already made the unconditional promise to be with Jacob and prosper him.  This only reveals Jacob’s lack of trust in God.  Jacob shows that he still really believes it is up to him to gain God’s favor…man believing in his own works….humanism.

Beginning in Genesis 29:31, because Leah was unloved, God blesses her with sons, while Rachel is barren.  Remember, God exalts the humble and humbles the exalted, Luke: 14:11.  We find this with Adam and Eve, Cain, peopel of Babel, generation of Noah, Hagar, Ishmael, and now Esau.  But, Yeshua Jesus humbled himself unto obedient sacrificial death and was exalted! We shoud learn from this…the Beatitudes…Matthew 5.

Genesis 29-30…notice the significance given to names and numbers again.  Jacob hads 11 sons since marriage to the 2 sisters and their 2 maids…13 years ago………and now determines to go home to his father.  Benjamin, birthed by Rachel is the only son of the 12 tribes of Israel yet to be born.

Big note! In all these people and situations, God is faithful!  God takes care of His people even when they mess up!  He helps them get through and even overcome in the bad consequences they reap.  He gives many chances to repent and turn a to righteousness (right thinking and right doing) by learning to stay close, fellowship with Him and walk with Him cooperatively in obedience…with humbleness and respect for His loving authority!  Yet God is good and will not let evil overcome good.  He is truth and justice also.  He is our perfect good Father!

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