Patriarchs as Prophecy for Jesus – into Joseph Genesis 37

Everything in the Bible points to Yeshua/Jesus.  In John 1, we learn that Jesus is the word made flesh.  We can get some revelation of this as we study the patriarchs….and look forward to more revelation of Yeshua/Jesus to come.

Give thought to prophetic revelation of Jesus through the lives of the patriarchs…here are a few thoughts of how their very lives point to Jesus.  Adam is given the promise of a Messiah Savoir.  Enoch walked so closely with God that he was caught up to heaven, and ascended like Jesus who is the perfect Son who always walked perfectly with the Father.  Noah was obedient while living in a totally wicked world…..and lifted up above the stormy waves, as well as the man who God worked through to save his family and bring new life.  Jesus does the same on a higher level…walking on water, saving His family unto the Father, making the way for new life!

Abraham is in covenant with God and he proves faithful and willingly obedient to the sacrifice of his precious promised son.  What a huge prophecy concerning the plan of salvation by the Father and Son to sacrifice the Son to pay for the sins of the world with His own blood and then be raised in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Isaac is the son of promise…and his father arranges a special bride to come from extended family. We are the bride of Christ.

Joseph is prophetic of Jesus in very many ways. We read about Joseph starting in Genesis 37…and on through 45 at his final revelation and reconciliation to his family.  Consider….

Beloved and favored above all other children.

Envied and hated without cause.

Foretold that one day he would rule.

Sent by the father to check on, feed, and assist his brothers.

Was obedient to his father and searched for them until he found them.

Rejected and condemned to die.

Stripped of his clothing.

Thrown in a pit, but raised up alive.

Sold for coins.

Became a servant, and served well, prospered in all he did.

Resisted temptation.

Falsely accused.

Counted as a transgressor alongside 2 men…one who was given a second life chance and the other condemned to death.

Foretold the future accurately as a prophet.

A great counselor and leader.

Promoted to the position next to the highest in authority….right hand.

Provides food for all in need.

Not recognized by his brothers.

Reveals himself through the mark of covenant promise in the shedding of blood as the promised seed of Abraham…resulting in reconciliation and restored relationship.

Awesome is our God Yahweh and Yahshua and His Holy Spirit!  Praise God!





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