Genesis 40

We have looked at Joseph to see how his life story is prophetic in many ways for Jesus.  We find more prophecy in chapter 40.  The Pharaoh’s wine bearer and baker are imprisoned with Joseph and they have dreams.  They ask Joseph to interpret.  First, let me point out that God can use dreams to communicate with people…it is scriptural.  But, we still need to be discerning, as not all dreams are from Him or significant.  Be discerning.

Look at this prophetically…the baker works in bread and the wine bearer in wine.  Remember communion with the bread and the wine?  The body of Jesus is the bread and the blood of Jesus is the wine.  We find the wine bearer lives and the baker hangs on a tree to death.  He has no burial place and the birds of prey pick his flesh.  In the same way, the spotless blood of Jesus gives eternal life.  His human flesh hangs on a tree and dies, and is buried in a borrowed tomb.  He is resurrected in a new glorious body.  Yet, His body and blood make the way for Him to live in us…temples of flesh.  The birds of prey come to pick our flesh.  This reminds me of the birds who come to pick at the seed and steal it away in Matthew 13.  In Ezekiel 13:20, we see that false prophets and teachers are also likened to birds of prey.

Also, notice that the dreams were fulfilled in 3 days!  In 3 days, the wine bearer was restored to his position by the throne at the hand of the Pharaoh.  Jesus is resurrected in 3 days.  Jesus is restored to His previous position at the right hand of the King of Kings!  And as soon as the branch budded…in rapid succession, the blossoms burst open producing grapes into good wine and placed in the Pharaoh’s hand.  Do you see the prophecy here?  The dead branch buds and immediately produces life!

In Numbers  17, we read about Aaron’s dead rod that budded.  It was God’s sign of His seection of High Priesthood, the ohe who would put an end to contention, rebellion, and discontent with their complaining.  It was kept in the Ark of the Covenant with the 10 Commandments stones and manna from the wilderness….under the mercy seat of God’s presence with them.  Jesus is that budding rod/branch of life out of death; that rapidly produces the wine of His blood into the King’s hand/possession as just payment for the sins of humanity bringing the new, abundant, perfect, and eternal life.  I am also reminded that Jesus miraculously turned the water into new wine at the wedding.  He takes water that is naturally earthly as well as the most abundant element in the human body, and turns it into perfect, abundant, joyous wine…by His shed blood!  God is so much higher and His wisdom is so expansive of all times and places…yet He knows details to the number of hairs on our heads!  How wonderous and marvelous is He!

The last verse 23 is also sadly prophetic. Even after all this, Joseph/Jesus is not remembered or recognized or honored.  There is no testimony of His wonderful, God inspired, God empowered, life saving work!  Do we remember Him in our own lives…in thanksgiving, by word, and by deeds?  Do we remember to testify to others of all the great things He has done and is doing?  Do we give Him honor and praise?  Be encouraged…made strong in courage…to proclaim and follow Jesus.  Remember Jesus and give Him free access to you and your life.  He desires to work in and through you.  Do not keep Him unjustly imprisoned.  Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  John 8:36.

So many lessons to learn…but inspiration, revelation, and enlightenment bring such rejoicing!


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