Genesis 41 – part 2

Beginning in Genesis 41:38, this just lifts my spirit!

First notice that Joseph is 30 years old when he is brought before Pharaoh to interpret the dream.  This is the beginning of his true ministry.  Remember, that Jesus was was also 30 years old when He began His ministry. Once the dream is interpreted, Pharaoh is considering who can oversee this harvest collection. The Amplified Bible has Pharaoh saying, “Can we find a man like this (a man equal to Joseph) in whom is the divine spirit of God?”  Jesus is the man who has the divine spirit of God who is without equal!  He is discerning, clear-headed, and wise as described here.  He is the one overseeing the harvest!

So, Pharaoh makes Joseph head over his kingdom of Egypt, second only to himself.  Egypt is often equated with “the world” in the Bible.  Who is really head over all the earth?  God the Father raises Jesus up to His right hand and makes Jesus head over all the earth!

Philippians 2:10, “at the name of Jesus every knee will bow in submission of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth.”

In Genesis 41:40, “all my people will be governed according to your word and pay respect to you with reverence, submission, and obedience.”  In Revelation 11:15, the angels announce that the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ and He will reign forever!”  This is also prophetic of the Millennial age when the whole world of nations will live under the reign of Yeshua/Jesus!  They will come and honor Him in joyful submission (Jeremiah 3:17, Micah 4:2, Zachariah 8:22, Zachariah 14:16).  They will yearly bring Him a sacrifice of their harvest in mass celebration and feasting.  Jesus feeds thousands!  We see Joseph also collecting the harvest of Egypt to feed masses of people!

Speaking of the collection of an overflowing harvest out of Egypt…do you see the prophesy?  Verse 49 says the harvest was as abundant as the sand of the sea and could not be measured.  Remember God’s covenant promise to Abraham…of descendants through his Seed numbered like the sand in the sea?  Did you know Revelation 7:9 describes the saints around the throne as a vast multitude that no one can count?  In Matthew 13:39, Jesus explains His parable saying that the harvest is the end of days and the reapers are angels.  So, bringing the harvest out of Egypt to Joseph is bringing the harvest of believers out of the world to Yeshua Jesus!

In verse 42, we find Pharaoh giving Joseph his signet ring, a new fine garment, and a gold chain on his neck.  Remember what the father gave the prodigal son when he returned home?  A robe, a signet ring, and sandals.  What does Proverbs say is like a gold chain around your neck?  Skillful and godly wisdom and instruction…especially from a father and mother.  We are the children of the Father through Jesus.  He gives us a robe of righteousness.  He gives us His seal/signet ring to rule and reign with Him.  We are sealed and marked by His Holy Spirit!  He gives us sandals to enable us to walk securely in Him and with Him. We wear His gold chain around our neck in glorious submission, obedience, and honor of His righteous instructions to save and keep us!

This is all so marvelous!  Next in Genesis 41:45, we see that Pharaoh changes Joseph’s name to Zaphenath-Paneah which means, “God speaks, He lives”.  Jesus is the Word made flesh and He speaks Truth!  Jesus is risen from the dead and He lives!

Then, Joseph is given a bride. She is the daughter of the high priest!  We are the bride of Christ!  1 Peter 2:9 says we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a special people for God’s possession!  We are married to Jesus our High Priest.  We are sons and daughters in the kingdom of God!  Hallelujah!

There’s more!  They have 2 sons.  The first is named Manasseh meaning causing to forget, because Joseph’s sorrow was forgotten.  The second son was named Ephraim meaning fruitfulness.  Revelation had 2 candlesticks, 2 fig trees, 2 witnesses, remember?  The Bible also has 2 peoples: the Jews and the Gentiles.  This is a marriage of a Jew and a Gentile!  The Jews were the people who forgot and did not recognize Jesus, but in the day of their restoration the sorrow will be forgotten.  The Gentiles who receive Jesus bring true fruitfulness to the earth…a great harvest of souls!  The 2 in agreement become one in Jesus!

At the end of this chapter, we see prophetically that the abundant church age brings in the harvest inn preparation for the last 7 years of extreme famine and tribulation.  But, Jesus has prepared and if anyone comes to Him, He will give the food of life!

I just love this chapter in Genesis!  It reveals Yeshua/Jesus.  He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.  He is a prophet and knows the future.  He is the Divine Overseer of the harvest.  He is seated at the right hand of the Father to rule His kingdom.  He is faithful and trustworthy.  He fulfills His promises and provides food and life to the hungry.  He speaks.  He lives.  He is a devoted and loving Bridegroom.  He forgets His sorrows with forgiveness and grace…for the joy of an abundant fruitful harvest unto salvation!  Praise Yeshua Jesus!

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