Genesis 42-44

Genesis 42-44 through the eyes of prophesy….these chapters cover Joseph’s brothers coming to Egypt to get food during the famine.  They do not recognize Joseph and he does not reveal himself immediately.  He determines to test them to see if they have changed since selling him into slavery.  He does ask about the welfare of his full brother, Benjamin, and his father.  The test Joseph puts on them sets up the option that they abandon Simeon, second son of Leah, or return to him with Benjamin. Plus, he frames them by making it look like they cheated him so that they would not be able to trust Joseph with Benjamin.  Will they sell out Simeon or the other favored son, Benjamin, to save themselves?

First, thinking prophetically…Joseph, who sits at the right hand of the head of the kingdom, has 10 half brothers and 1 full brother.  Jesus, who sits at the right hand of God in His kingdom, has half brothers (those who are Jews genetically, but heathen spiritually; and 10 signifies a total human governance or organization) and He has 1 full blooded, favored of the Father, brother (those who are fully one with Jesus, one body, one church).  See this revelation and its levels?  The same plot is happening today!

The world (Egypt) is full of extreme famine/poverty (remember the Laodicean church who think they are rich but are in extreme poverty, blind, and naked….who need to go to Jesus to buy what they need?).  The Jews go to the world to find food, what they need and want.  There are 10 of them (hint: there are 10 toes on the final kingdom of the statue in Daniel ; 10 is complete and total human governance and control over people like the Nicolaitans that Jesus hates). They do not recognize Jesus in the world.  They do not realize that the best and only real food comes from Him.  They think He is dead because they sold Him out.  When they come into His house, He calls them spies, infiltrators, liars with deceptive motivations.  They assure Him they are honest and without evil motivations or manipulations…even friendly….and willing to pay.  It is testing time.

Jesus holds “a remnant” captive and freely sends the rest back to their tribe with food, bur returns their worldly money…because His food is freely given.  They do not see it as a gift, but as a trap and accusation of guilt.  Now, in order to save their brother back or get more food, they need to bring the full blood brother alongside.  Will the half brother Jews stand alongside the full blooded  Christ brother when their needs become urgent for the sake of the Father?

Food gone, they must risk going back, no other way or source than Jesus.  For the sake of the Father, the Son is delivered to the world (Egypt).  In humble submission, utter dependence, with pure hearts, and no human manipulations or works, they return to bow to Jesus for help.  Again, Jesus gives what they need without material payment, but He requires the full blooded brother to remain with Him. One brother even offers his life in exchange. The only way they can reunite with that brother is to bring the Father with them to Jesus.  It is at that time that Jesus reveals Himself to them based on proof of covenant promise by His blood….as the Seed of Abraham.  This Seed saves from desperate spiritual famine.  Jesus is the bread of life!  He is the promised Messiah!  They are repentant! He tells them of His purpose and forgiveness so that they can joyfully be reunited with Him.  They celebrate and feast together!  Another version of the prodigal son coming home!

God never changes.  His ways are perfect and consistent.  His Word stands firm forever.  Look closely and there is even more revelation than what I have stated here!  God is faithful and can be trusted in all things!

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