Genesis 46-48

Genesis 46-48….in chapter 46:43, we read how Israel lived in Goshen separately from the Egyptians.  And in Genesis 47:27, we read that they prospered there.  Yet, in the rest of chapter 47, we read that the Egyptians had to sell everything to the Egyptian Pharaoh in order to survive the famine.  Earlier in verse 4, we see that the intention of Jacob and his family was to only temporarily sojourn in Egypt.  Jacob states this again in 48:1-4 when he reminds Joseph of the promise to Abraham to inherit the promised land and wants his people to return there along with bringing his bones.

What does this bring to your remembrance?  Could it also be prophetic?

As God’s people, we are only sojourning temporarily in this world. We are citizens and stewards of another kingdom, His kingdom.  While we live here, He meets all our needs.  Those in the world sell everything to the world to survive in the world.  When it is time for us to go home to our promised land, our bodies will be given a place of honor for burial. God is faithful to His covenants and promises!

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