Exodus 1

I am so excited to be moving into Exodus!  The word Exodus means to take out.  It is the account of God making the way out of Egypt for His people.  This is a huge, miraculous event!  Again, there is the natural human story, but with prophetic and spiritual revelations as well!  With the Pharaoh representing Satan and Egypt representing the world, we see that God makes a way of redemption from the grip of Satan and the world.  Moses represents the one who leads the way out….Jesus is the Way out of this fallen world system and captivity to Satan.  When we decide we want to leave the wolrd because it is so burdensome so that we cry out to God, then He sends Jesus to redeem and save us!  Are you ready to know God more through Exodus?

God began in Genesis with one man and one woman.  He continued by working with individuals and families.  There is something new in Exodus.  Beginning with a family of 70 (7×10 representing man’s governance in righteousness/right standing with God). God now forms a nation called Israel (one who struggles with God).  The descendants of Abraham have become a multitude, a chosen nation…as God promised!

They had stayed in Egypt after the famine.  God in His grace multiplied and prospered them anyway.  I believe God’s intension was for them to be temporary sojourners in Egypt until the famine was over…..which might have only been 5-10 years.  I believe God intended for them to return to their promised land.  But, things were really good in Egypt…fertile land, delicious food, civilization with many nice things. Recall that Lot was enticed by these same things when moving to Sodom.  Like Lot, the Israelites became entangled in a pagan culture.  Many exchanged their occupation as herdsmen and became brick makers, builders, and farmers for Egypt.

More than a generation had passed since Joseph and his brothers died.  At the time of the Israelites exodus from Egypt, it would be 430 years since their arrival with Joseph (Exodus 12:40-41). That is about twice the age of America!  We can see why they had forgotten the history of the Israelites.  There was a new Pharaoh in Egypt  who did not remember the Israelites with favor.  He began to fear that if they left, he would lose his laborers…or even worse that they might rise up to join his enemies.  So, he enslaved them with very hard labor thinking it would remove their prosperity, but it did not.  His next move was to command death to all newborn male babies.  Baby girls were allowed as it was believed they would become wives to Egyptian men and thus be assimilated into Egypt.  Two Hebrew midwives were commanded to kill the baby boys at birth.  But, they feared God more than man, and did not.  God honored the midwives.  But things are going downhill for the Israelites quickly. Why? because they have moved outside of God’s protection into enemy territory.

What are some spiritual lessons?  Seek God and listen for His instructions.  Obey Him even if it does not seem the most beneficial from a worldly perspective.  Do not let your priority motivation be for worldly things that are enticing.  Do not compromise or live with pagan ideas.  Think and be separated unto God.  Do the work He has for you….not as a servant/slave to a worldly king.  Remember history and learn from it.  Remember and fear God above all. Proverbs 1:7…The fear of God is the preeminent part and starting point of wisdom.

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