Exodus 2

Moses is born to a couple from the tribe of Levi.  Remember that Hebrew baby boys were usually circumcised the eighth day after birth.  Moses mother hides him for 3 months because the Pharaoh is having all baby boys killed.  (So, Moses has already been circumcised and marked for life as Hebrew.)  She decides to save Moses by putting him in a tar and pitch sealed basket and floating him on the Nile River.  (This reminds me of Noah and the ark.)

Moses is found by the daughter of Pharaoh who decides to raise him as her son.  She names him Moses because it means “drawn out”.  Through Miriam, Moses sister, his mother becomes his “wet nurse”.  A child could be nursed for up to 3 years.  Then, Moses was returned to the Pharaoh’s daughter to be raised in royalty as her adopted son.

As an adult, Moses goes to check on his countrymen…with compassion he sees their hard labor.  He sees an Egyptian beating one of his countrymen, and trying to do it secretly, he kills the abusive Egyptian and buries him in the sand.  The next day, Moses goes out again and sees two of his brethren fighting and asks why they fight one another.  They ask, “Who made you prince and judge over us?  Do you intend to kill me as you killed the Egyptian?”  (We will find later that this is prophetic…later Moses does become their prince and judge as appointed by God.)

The Pharaoh tries to kill Moses when he hears about it.  Moses flees to the land of Midian.  About Midian…after Sarah died, Abraham remarried and had more children.  He had them settle to the east of Isaac so that Isaac could possess the promised land separately.  Midian was one of the tribes from Abraham’s second marriage.  By the well in Midian, Moses helps the 7 daughters of the Midian priest in overcoming the “bullies” and feeding their flock. Their father instructs them to bring Moses as to their household.  He gives Moses his daughter, Zipporah (meaning bird) to be his wife.  They have a son and Moses names him Gershom, meaning “stranger” because Moses sees himself as a stranger in a foreign land.  I can see prophesy of the Gentile church age here!  Jesus is drawn out into the wilderness of the world to find a righteous Gentile bride, a stranger to Israel, who is named by the Holy Spirit.  Together with their children, they are strangers in the earth…for they are citizens of the kingdom of heaven.

So much here!  Moses is also prophetic of Yeshua Jesus.

The tribe of Levi becomes the priestly tribe.  Yeshua is our High Priest.

Both are circumcised in covenant with the Father.

Both are hidden as babies from rulers who are trying to kill them.

Moses is hidden for 3 months.  Yeshua is “hidden” with his family for 30 years before beginning  His ministry.

Moses was saved in a basket just as Noah was saved in the ark, floating on the water. Yeshua is the Savior who walks on water.

Moses was “drawn out” of he water as a baby, “drawn out” of Egypt, “drawn out” or called out by God in the burning bush, “drawn out” in the Exodus, “drawn out” to the top of the mountain to receive the 10 commandments, “drawn out” into the wilderness to lead a stubborn untrusting people, “drawn out” into the tabernacle and the presence of the Lord.  Yeshua Jesus was also “drawn out” or called out by His Father…out of heaven into the earth, out of Bethlehem into Egypt, out of Nazareth into baptism, out of the Jordon River into the wilderness, out of the wilderness into ministry, out of earthy ministry into the presence of God at His right hand in the kingdom of heaven.

Moses is raised by his natural mother, but also through adoption by a princess. He was born a son of slaves, but raised up to royalty.  Yeshua Jesus was born of Mary in humbleness, but wise men brought Him great riches.  Yeshua was born the son of man, but is also the Son of God!

Like Moses, Yeshua Jesus came to check his brethren….and with compassion saw their bondage and hard labor. God uses Moses mightily in leading and teaching the people in the wilderness with miracles of feeding and healing. Yeshua Jesus killed the abusive enemy with the sword of His mouth against the religious elite, and by healing, feeding, and teaching the oppressed with many signs and wonders.

The Pharaoh determines to kill Moses.   Satan and the religious elite determine to kill Jesus.

Both go to the wilderness for preparation before ministry….Moses for 40 years…Yeshua for 40 days.

Moses helps 7 (number of God’s righteousness) Midian women at the well to feed their flocks.  Yeshua Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well and extends righteousness to her and she goes to feed her flock.  Jesus is the living water.

While in the wilderness, they both find a “bride”.  Zipporah means bird…and Yeshua Jesus has a bride who is anointed by a dove, as He was at His baptism.  The dove is the Holy Spirit.  The child is named “stranger in the land”….so also as the children of the Father through Yeshua Jesus, we are strangers in this worldly land because the heavenly kingdom is our true home.

Read Exodus 2 again with all this in mind and be blessed and amazed by God!




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