Exodus 3:1 – 4:9

At the end of chapter 2, we see that the Israelites are crying out to God due to their horrible circumstances.  That is typical of many people.  As long as things are going great, little thought is given to God.  People even tolerate other priorities, immorality, or even idols as other gods to worship.  When things get really bad and people cannot fix their problems, then they cry out to the one true God.  Thank the Lord for His love and long suffering with us!  I believe God began His plan when Moses was born…when they first started crying out.  God needed time to prepare Moses to the task.  Thank the Lord for His love and long suffering with us!  It reminds me of the father welcoming the prodigal son home.  Consistency and prophecy is evident in God’s Word.

Moses also had something to learn.  He spent the first 40 years of his life as royalty.  Pride goes before a fall.  In his fall, Moses was humbled to what an Egyptian considered to be the lowest job…a herdsman in the wilderness (like the prodigal son working in the pig pen).  He had now been 40 years as a herdsman in the wilderness.  He likely expected this was all that would become of his life…a person of no significance.  It is while he is doing his normal everyday work that God calls him through a burning bush that is not consumed.  The burning of these common dried up bushes in the wilderness was not unusual, but this fire was not consuming the bush…it seemed a different sort of fire!  It is a Holy Spirit fire!  The followers of Jesus experienced this Holy Spirit fire at Pentecost.  God introduces Himself as the covenant God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…Moses forefathers.  God explains to Moses that He has heard the cries of His people and has come to rescue them from Egypt.  He is sending Moses to do the job. Again, prophetic of Yeshua Jesus!

Moses no longer has the self confidence he had in Egypt.  God replies by telling Moses that he can put his confidence in God!  Moses next question is what is your name so I can say who sent me?  God replies, “I AM”.  This simple name says so much…He was, and is, and is to come; He exists; He is always present; He is a covenant keeping God; He is a being, living, active God, not a motionless idol or mental philosophy;  it even speaks to God’s authority and strength as in “I stand”…..to name a few meanings in His name “I AM”.

God reveals His plan to save His people, including the opposition and how He will overcome….as well as Moses part in His plan.  Moses asks, “What if they do not take me seriously?”  God shows Moses His miraculous power by changing his rod into a snake and back again, his healthy hand into leprosy and back again, and water turned to blood.  I see these miracles as prophetic for Jesus…He is the branch of David (rod) who bore our sins (snake) and pains (leprosy) on a tree (rod) through the shedding of His blood and water from His side, that we might be saved, changed, and restored to newness of life!

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