Exodus 4: 10 – 5:

Moses has spiritual failures too.  Imagine…God is speaking to you from a burning bush…knows your ancestors and personal history…and demonstrates 3 miracles to you.  He tells you His plan for saving your people out of Egypt and what you must do.  What would be your response?  Would you bow and say, “Yes, Lord”?  Instead, Moses explains his great weakness in speaking.  Might you also rather excused yourself by explaining your own inabilities also?  God explains that He is greater than any weakness.  Moses begs God to find someone else.

God gets a little angry.  Why? After all this, Moses is still not trusting God!  He is actually demonstrating false humility, which is pride on the opposite side.  He has such a strong attitude of his own worthlessness and insufficiency that he cannot believe God is big enough to use him!  What?  His inadequacy is greater than God’s ability?  That is reversed pride.  Plus, Moses is still following humanistic thinking…he is looking at what man or “I” can do, not what God can do.

So, God gives Moses additional support by including his brother, Aaron, in the task.  God will speak to Moses, and Aaron will speak that word to the people.  This intercession between what God speaks and then one to speak it to the people later becomes the priesthood, under Aaron, who was a Levite…thus the Levitical priesthood of Judaism. Later, God confirms this choice by sending Aaron out of Egypt and into the wilderness to find Moses, both meeting at Mt. Sanai (the place they all go after the Exodus to receive the 10 commandments).  They will now go together to tell the Pharaoh to let God’s firstborn son go, or it will mean death to Egypt’s firstborn.

Verses 24-26 must be significant of God would not have included them.  God was saving His people through Moses by covenant.  Remember, Moses also had spiritual failures.  Moses was not concerned enough about his covenant with God…we know because he had not circumcised at least one of his two sons.  This meant that he was not living under total covenant protection.  Moses got deathly sick. God must have revealed the problem to Moses, who informed his wife.  To save Moses, she did the circumcision. Being she threw the foreskin at Moses feet, she was likely disgusted.  She calls him a husband of  blood.

This all seems really unpleasant.  But, salvation has a blood price and in that way it is unpleasant.  The circumcision covenant was a blood covenant concerning the seed of the man who would father the lineage of the Savior Messiah.  Yeshua Jesus was the Seed of that covenant who shed His own blood for a better, new, and living covenant!  As the bride of Christ, we too get His blood “on our hands”, so we can also live in His covenant.  We have a bloody Husband who fulfilled the blood covenant for all His sons and daughters.  The blood at the feet also reminds me about when God prophesied in the garden of Eden that the Seed would bruise the serpents head, but the serpent would only bruise His heel.  Let’s learn the truth and rejoice so that we do not react like Moses’ wife in disgust over the blood covenant!

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