Exodus 4: 30-31

I have to back track for something really important.

Aaron spoke the words that God spoke to Moses..to God’s chosen people. Then, they showed the 3 miraculous signs…rod becomes snake and restored, heathy hand becomes leprous and is restored, the water turns to blood.  This also points to prophesy of the Savior Messiah like Isaiah 53….He grows up like a tender shoot, like a root out of dry ground…a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief…despised and rejected…one from whom men hide their faces…wounded for our transgressions…the punishment required for our well being fell on Him…by His stripes and wounds we are healed.  But, then everything is restored…His accomplishment restores resurrection life to Himself as well as restored life, justification, and right relationship with Creator Father God for His people….therefore He now reigns as King of Kings at the right hand of God.  The sin nature (snake) is restored to righteousness.  What is corrupted, diseased, contagious, and deforming (leprosy) is restored to health, life, and beautiful wholeness.  And it is done by conceiving God in human flesh in the amniotic water fluid, and the mostly water human body, which becomes the shed blood of the Savior Yeshua Jesus!

The people hear the truth and see the evidence and believe!  This is proof that God has compassion on us, sees our suffering, and will save us! They bow and worship the Lord!  We need to hear the truth and open our eyes to see the evidence of Yeshua Jesus and believe!  This is the beginning of revival!  But revival is not all easy rejoicing…now they have to follow, stand strong, keep on believing and trusting even if things get worse.  Satan (Pharaoh) will not let go without a fight!  He wants to keep people as slaves to himself.

Can you now see yourself in the Bible?  Can you see the awesome prophetic significance in God’s Word?  Is your spirit jumping up and down in praise and thanksgiving like mine?  Hallelujah!!!

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