Exodus 6:1 – 7:8

God tells Moses what He is going to do.  First, He reminds Moses that He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob….and faithful to His covenant.  God is still working His original great family plan.

But in verse 3, God reveals something new about Himself. Until now, He never revealed His great power through huge miracles and wonders.  He had revealed Himself as “I AM”…but He is also Yahweh, Jehovah, the Lord! This reveals, the  His authority and powerful might, the omnipotent one.  Egypt had many pagan gods and Pharaoh considered the God of Moses as just another god.  Pharaoh thinks he proves his opinion when his sorcerers (witchcraft), magicians, and soothsayer priests can perform the same “supernatural signs” as Moses and Aaron.  Pharaoh’s heart is hardened (set hard like rock), and he will not listen.  He will not let God’s people go.  He is ready to fight. (That sounds like Satan and those who are under his authority….they will not listen and resist God.)

In verse 6, God also reveals that He is the Redeemer!  He brings out from under burden, frees from bondage, and comes to rescue and save!

In verse 6, God also reveals Himself as Judge over Egypt (Remember Egypt is symbolic for the fallen world under Satan.)

In verse 7, God reveals Himself as the Father King who will take them as His people. (The New Testament describes this as adoption!)  And He will be their Lord/Master….one in authority.

In verse 8, God reveals that He is their faithful Provider…He keeps His promises, even when things look bad.

Exodus reveals our God, who He is and His ways!  Hebrews 13:8 says that God never changes.  He is still all these characteristics and still works the same way today.  He does this Fatherly work in each one who receives Yeshua Jesus as Redeemer, Savior, and Lord.  Satan does not want to set us free and let us go.  But, Yahweh the Lord is greater!  By the great and mighty miracle of Yashua’s/Jesus substitutionary death and resurrection in our place, we have been freed from burden and bondage to Satan, so that we become adopted children of the Heavenly Father, and live eternally under His authority/lordship in His kingdom!

Exodus is also the pattern/way that we see His prophetic final redemption in the book of Revelation!  That exodus, final judgment, and total redemption/restoration will be even greater than this event in Exodus!  What an awesome God we serve!  How blessed are we that He gives us His Word with revelation to come to know Him and His ways…that we might be like Him and follow Him!  Thank You, Lord!!!

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