Exodus – a hardened heart

Exodus 7:13, “Yet, Pharaoh’s heart was hardened and he would not listen to them, just as the Lord had said.” Pharaoh hardens his heart repeatedly against the Lord.

Previous to this verse, God had spoken through His prophet Moses.  God had warned.  God had also given instruction to let ALL His people go into the wilderness, 3 days journey, to worship Him. They were to leave the pagan world and separate a good distance, bringing sacrifices and worship to God, instead of Egyptian idols. We are also to separate ourselves from the world by a good righteous distance to honor and worship God.

Notice how the Israelites reacted after the prophets message after it just seemed to make things worse.  They complained and got mad at Moses.  How do we react to God’s true prophets when we do not like what they say or when what they say brings only more persecution?  Also, notice how these prophets sound.  They are not bringing a message that sounds happy, empathetic, good feeling, people pleasing, building up the ego messages.  The words of the prophet are to speak by the Holy Spirit whose work is to drive people to Jesus by words of conviction, righteousness, correction, and judgement unto repentance.  Have you ever heard or listened for any true prophetic words?

There is another very important and strong warning in this!  First, we must know that God can see and know everyone’s heart.  He already knew Pharaoh’s heart and mind were set against Him.  God already knew  that the more He would offer Pharaoh to see His power an authority, and offer repentance, that Pharaoh  would continually resist and therefore make his heart even harder.  God in HIs grace and long suffering kept trying to bring Pharaoh to repentance, but Pharaoh would not!  God will keep giving us opportunities to follow Him, but each time we resist, out heart gets a little harder.

Pharaoh did make a show of repentance in an effort to remove the plagues. But, once comfortable, he went back to his own ways and did not change. Our repentance must be sincere in our heart.  There are people in the world who are locked into Satan and his work, some consciously by choice, some deceived,…..and they have closed their minds and hearts to God.  This is often in pride to keep to their own opinions and ways (what they want) or it could be due to fear of societal pressure.

How are we responding to the Lord?  How are we responding as an individual?  How are we responding as a nation?  Do we talk about worshipping God on Sunday, but then go back to living like the world the rest of the week?  Or when God instructs and corrects us (in prayer or by someone speaking truth in love), do we listen or resist?  When we get consequences of living without a close walk with God, do we realize we need to repent and change…to separate from the world and take time with God in the wilderness to worship God?  Do we recognize God’s authority and humbly repent?  Do we now that the more we put Him off or ignore Him the harder our hearts become?

Ofen, when our nation comes to trouble, I hear 2 Chronicles 7:14 (Amplifed), “if My people, who are called by My name, humble themselves, pray and seek (crave, require as a necessity) My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear them from heaven, and forgive their sin, and heal their land.” What a great promise!  !  It is not just one national day of prayer.  It is not being like Pharaoh and making a show of repentance to remove the consequences of rebellion, but going back to hard heartedness and dependence on human works and rulership when things get comfortable again.  It is not praying a one time prayer for salvation and then going back to live like the world.

God knows each heart!  He cannot be fooled.  Plus, He can differentiate…He spared the land of Goshen, His people’s land, when the plagues fell on Egypt.  If His true people worship and follow Him in a true heart, He will heal THEIR land…maybe not the whole nation.  We also find this in Revelation…the plagues come, but do not harm the oil and the wine, those who are truly His in the blood of Jesus and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Yet, His people will face strong persecution. Be faithful to God…have faith in Him….separate from the world and its ways as much as you can….with your heart truly fixed and established in Him!  Know Father, Yeshua Jesus, Holy Spirit in personal close relationship.  Give Him your attention (mind) and love (heart)!


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