Exodus – Balance of Truth and Grace

Exodus teaches us about the balance of truth and grace.  God speaks truth in love, instructs, and even corrects with grace.  He gives multiple chances to do what is truly right (absolute truth).  That means when people act against truth, but then confess their error in true repentance, He forgives and gives another chance to act in truth.  That is holding firm to truth, but by grace…speaking the truth in love.

Through Moses and Aaron, God gave instruction to Pharaoh to do right.  When Pharaoh ignored and did not regard God as any authority, and instead did what he wanted, there were bad consequences.  Pharaoh would repent and God would deliver from the bad consequences.  But, Pharaoh hard a hard heart and his mind was set…he did not change to follow God’s Word.  When things were comfortable again, Pharaoh went back to his own ways.  Notice that each time Pharaoh repents, he tries to negotiate a deal of compromise (Exodus 5-10). But, God holds fast to His absolute truth/instructions to the details. Finally, there comes a point where God knows Pharaoh’s heart is so hardened that God must force His hand of justice.  God is ultimate authority and His truth and His Word must prevail for goodness to have the victory and overcome evil.

We find Jesus gives similar warnings to His churches in the book of Revelation…hold fast to truth, do not compromise truth, do not tolerate evil, do not harden your heart and mind, but instead do the good work of loving one another and reaching the lost.  He calls every church to repentance.

This lesson can be applied to our own lives individually, as a church, as a nation, etc.  When you give this some serious thought, what comes to your mind and heart? How do we live this out?

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