Exodus -Cycles and Patterns

In God’s Word, we often find the same cycle or pattern applied on different levels….ranging from personal individual to global.  Consider the pattern we find in Exodus and other places in the Bible.

Cycle: God blesses His people.  People get comfortable and all is well, so they forget God.  They begin to believe they can do things for themselves (humanism).  People begin to idolize and prioritize things if the world above God. People begin to tolerate other gods and other morality in the world….to please others….or do what feels good to “self”.  Prosperity gets gobbled up in greed and inability without God as the Source.  Those in authority by power and wealth become corrupt, deceptive, abusive to maintain or increase control of power and wealth. People wake up to their desperate situation.  People remember God and cry out for help. God sends a messenger to speak His Word and bring them to their senses and gives a way if deliverance through repentance.  God welcomes them back into relationship with Him.

Think about the parable of the prodigal son….same cycle and pattern.

Think about the big picture of the gospel message….from fallen man in Genesis to complete restoration in Revelation.

Think about the nation of Israel as God’s chosen people in covenant for a promised land I the Mideast…then all their separation from God to this day…when one day thy will be restored in their relationship with God and inherit the promised land.

Think about the nation of America.  It was founded as a Christian nation…over time falling into humanism globalism, and relative morality…as well as pleasure seeking and self sufficiency.  We will lose our prosperity by denying our Source.  We will wake up to find we are in a desperate situation of evil. We will find we have leaders who are corrupted and enslave people for their own controlling power and wealth.  We must come to our senses, humble ourselves, remember God, and with true sincere repentance return to Him with willingness to change and serve Him, assist on His good works, then we will have restored relationship of love and faith in Him and He will redeem us.  But, if we pretend to repent in worlds only, but not follow through in actions, we continue in hardened mind and heart to not pay priority attention to God, then we have the same consequences as Pharaoh…judgement with proof that He is God and not we ourselves!

So, you see this cycle or pattern is also seen in each individual human life.  What kind of relationship do you choose with Creator Father?  He has made the way for escape from slavery to Satan in a fallen world to restored relationship with Him through faith in His Son, Yehsua Jesus!  Cry out to Him with all your heart and mind!  Hear what He says!  Watch what He will do!

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