Exodus 12 – Feast of Unleavened Bread and Passover

Exodus 12 – a quick overview of the Feast of Unleavened Bread and Passover…after the first Passover in Egypt, the Lord added the Feast of Unleavened Bread to come before Passover.  It was 7 days of removing leaven from the house and eating unleavened bread.  Leaven was a sign of spreadable sin.  It was to remind them that the Lord brought them out of sinful Egypt.  He reminded them in verse 19 that if a person did not set themselves apart from leaven (sin), then they were excluded from atonement.

Passover…bring a spotless lamb ( a size the family can completely consume) in the house to become a beloved pet.  Then, it will be sacrificed at twilight and consumed at Passover meal.  Children will likely come to love the lamb, making the sacrifice and meal more significant and precious.  The price to forgive sin is very high.  The blood of the lamb is sprinkled on the top and sides of the doorposts to protect the family.

If we were still keeping God’s holy celebration times, we would be reminded yearly of where it all begins…we must desire and determine to get sin out of our house, to refuse to eat the leavened bread of sin, and then totally consume the precious sacrificial Lamb of Yeshua Jesus inside ourselves, and protectively cover our families and homes in the blood of Yeshua Jesus, shed for us, for the remission of sin and its consequences of the curse…all with thanksgiving to the Lord who delivers us out of this evil fallen world…enslaved by Satan.  Plus, eat this holy meal dressed and equipped to leave the world and lead others to follow the Lord!

How marvelous is our God!  His ways are perfect!

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