Exodus 12 – Passover

In Exodus 12, we learn about God’s first holy celebration of Passover.  Jesus kept Passover.  The Lord’s Supper was at Passover. The early church continued to celebrate Passover.  It was the Holy Roman Catholic Church and Roman Empire who changed Passover to Easter, celebrated at the pagan Spring solstice.  They were pleasing both Christians and pagans by compromising, in order to control power over all people.  Did anyone ask…who do we obey, God or man?  Check out what Jesus says in Revelations to churches who compromise.

Verse 2 God commands Passover month the beginning of the new year…a new start….sign of a new covenant through the Passover Lamb.  Jesus is the Passover Lamb of the New Covenant.  Our new life starts with Him!  Celebrate Yeshua Jesus!

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