Exodus 13:17-22 Go Back to Egypt?

In Exodus 13, it says that God led them in the wilderness route because He was concerned they would decide to return to Egypt if it was not far away.  Can you imagine?  They would want to go back to slavery and abuse?  Especially after all God had done to set them free???  Maybe they had never been in the desolate wilderness and thought trying to live there was certain death. Fear and insecurity in facing the unknown is very powerful.

Can we apply that lesson?  When God miraculously sets us free from Satan and worldliness, are we tempted to turn back to living as we did before?  When we are separated unto God in the wilderness, maybe old friends have left us and we have never lived this way before, do we feel alone and insecure?  When what we were believing in ad depending on to live is cut away, are willing to trust God to teach and lead us His new way of living, even when things look desolate?  Often we learn the most while in the wilderness.  God has our attention there.

He never leaves or forsakes us…..He led them by a pillar of clouds by day and a pillar of fire by night!  Clouds are full of water…which reminds me of Jesus, our Living Water, and the waters of baptism, plus Jesus ascending in the clouds and coming again in the clouds.  We are to focus on Jesus, our Savior, and follow Him.  Fire reminds me of the Holy Spirit…who enlightens us, especially in dark places!  We are never alone or forsaken, even in the wilderness!

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