Exodus 14 – through stormy waters

Exodus 14….Pharaoh realizes he has let his slaves go.  Who will work for and serve Egypt now?  He pursues them with great military power.  The Israelites react in fear, thinking it would have been better to be slaves to Egypt than to die in the wilderness.  Moses, the prophet who speaks for God, says, “Do not be afraid!  Take your stand, be firm and confident and undismayed, and see the salvation of the Lord…The Lord will fight for you while you only need to keep silent and remain calm.”

God uses the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire to protect them.  God parted the sea water and the Israelites walked through on dry land, but the huge waves crashed over the Egyptians and destroyed them.

Do you see the prophetic value in this?  Do you see the practical application in our lives?  When we focus on Yeshua Jesus instead of looking at the stormy waves or the enemy, we can walk on water with Him….and when He says ,”peace be still”, even the wind and waves obey Him!  This is so important when we face the enemies and storms in our lives!  Trust in Yeshua Jesus and walk in the light of the Holy Spirit and the power of Creator Father!  Be still and know that He is God!  Psalm 46:10

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