Exodus Plagues-Warnings

Exodus plagues….warnings.  There were 10 plagues in Egypt to redeem God’s people from their enslavement to evil.  10 is the complete full amount in human terms….as in 10 fingers…10 toes…10 human governments in the final kingdom of Revelation.

Recall that God spoke and commanded freedom for His people, but Pharaoh ignored Him.  Pharaoh was hard hearted and closed minded. After all, he had his own pagan gods to honor (paganism) as well as considering himself a god (humanism and dictatorship).

Exodus 5-10 tells us about the 10 plagues that came to Egypt.  They were all plagues to demonstrate God’s supreme authority as well as the insufficiency and myths of their pagan gods.  Each plague was against the power of their pagan gods.

Hapi, god of the Nile, could not protect against its water turned to blood.  Hereto, fertility goddess with the head of a frog, was shown out of control of overrunning frogs.  God made the dust of the earth become infesting gnats against the power of Geb, the god of earth dust.  Uatchit, the goddess of swarms and Khepri, the god with the head of the scarab beetle, could not control the bloodthirsty swarms of insects.  Hatcher, the goddess of protection with the head of a cow, could not protect the dying livestock. None of the gods/goddesses of health and medicine…Isis, Imhotep, Thoth, Nefertem….could cure the boils resulting from ashes in the wind.   Particularly interesting is that most healing gods required human sacrifice to the point of ashes…notice what these ashes produced….boils. None of the gods/goddesses of the sky…like Nut and Shu….could stop the huge fiery hail. What the hail did not ruin, the locusts ate…and Seth, the god of storms and disorder could do nothing to stop the Lord God.  The 3 days of darkness were a powerful sign against the power of one of their primary gods, Ra, the sun god.  The final plague of death of the firstborn especially grieved the Pharaoh. Pharaoh himself, was considered a god descended from their god, Ra.  Typically, the firstborn son became a pharaoh.  The god Renenutet was specifically in charge of protecting Pharaoh and his family. Plus, the goddess of birth, Meshkeuet, as well as the goddess of protection, Sobek, should have been able to save the Egyptian firstborn, right?  But, Pharaoh learned the hard way, the One True Creator God is Supreme…respect Him and His power.

This reminds me of the battle between Elijah and all the prophets of Baal.  Their Baal gods could do nothing…the God if Elijah miraculously demonstrated His Supreme power! God is the I AM.  He is sovereign and in control….all powerful.  Proverbs and Psalms tell us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.

Do we fear, respect, honor, give attention to God?  Do we have any other gods we depend on before Him?  Are we trusting in idols and works of man to sustain us (humanism)?  Are we being closed minded and hard hearted towards God because we want our own way?  Now is the opportunity to repent, change, and follow His Word and His way…to follow Jesus!  If you do not change Lords, then you get the plagues and curses that result as the consequences…reaping what you sowed.  Hear God’s warning and correction for good.  He loves you and desires right relationship with you in love and fellowship.

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