God’s 7 Holy Appointed Times

Did you know that God commands 7 holy celebration times for His people to meet with Him?  They are all prophetic to Yeshua Jesus.  Look at God’s 3 Spring holy times first.

The first holy time is the Feast of Unleavened Bread.  Leaven is a symbol of contagious and exponential growth of sin.  Yeshua Jesus is our Unleavened (sinless) Bread of Life.  We must desire to turn from sin and live in Him.

Passover highlights the sacrifice of the spotless lamb.  Yeshua Jesus is the spotless, sinless sacrifice for the remission of our sin.  It is because of His shed blood that we are now protected from the consequence of sin, which is death.  In Yeshua Jesus we have eternal abundant life! Remember, the Lord’s Supper and beginning of Jesus communion meal of bread and wine?  Jesus and His disciples were celebrating Passover.  Jesus fulfilled Passover exactly on Passover!

Plus, the third Spring holy day is Firstfruits…and Jesus resurrection happened exactly on that day! He is the Firstfruit of resurrection from the dead and promises to raise us up together with Him!

If Yeshua Jesus fulfilled God’s appointed holy times in the Spring, we can also expect Him to fulfill the summer feast of Pentecost and the 3 Fall feasts in season also, right?

And He did fulfill Pentecost at the holy celebration of summer when He sent His Holy Spirit to fill His disciples!

He will fulfill the 3 Fall feasts at His second coming.  I believe He will again fulfill them in the actual season of celebration….the Feast of Trumpets (the 7 trumpets of Revelation)…the Day of Atonement ( the 7 bowls of wrath)…the Feast of Tabernacles (Yeshua Jesus second coming that we might forever live with Him).

Amazing!  Wonderful!  Rejoice!


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