The Lord Hears The Cries of His People

The Lord Almighty heard the cries of His people when they were enslaved in worldly Egypt.  He redeemed/rescued/saved/delivered/set free His people through plagues in judgements against their false gods and hard hearted leaders.  At this time, God called the Israelites His firstborn son.  Pharaoh refused to let them go.  He pronounced his own judgement and that of his kingdom….the price of the life of the firstborn.  The Lord commanded His people to sacrifice and consume a lamb and apply its blood on the sides and top of their door posts, then remain inside their homes until morning, dressed land prepared to exodus quickly.  This was the first Passover. The Lord leads them out of Egypt, heading for the Promised Land of abundant living.

Yeshua Jesus is our Passover Lamb.  His blood saves us from death.  He is the bread and wine we consume in covenant with Him.  He is the Way that we are redeemed, rescued, saved, delivered, set free from the enslavement of Satan, evil the world, and evil har hearted leaders.  We are to live “in His house” and be ready to go when He says go.  He leads us in the way of His good life.

Every day, we live in the world, but He tells us to not be of the world and its ways.  There is evil and trouble in the world.  We cry out to the Lord for help.  We stay in His presence through faith in the name and blood of Yeshua Jesus.  We persevere in remembering and standing in Him in prayer.  We are protected through the  “plagues” and delivered from evil and evildoers.  He sets us apart and separates us from the world and leads us to live with Him in His kingdom of abundant eternal life, even while in this world (as overcomers with and in Him).

The book of Revelation describes progressive judgement of evil, with opportunity for repentance, until final annihilation of evil, and complete salvation of God’s people into His presence, into all He is, and into His abundant eternal kingdom!  This s great cause for rejoicing!  The Lord wins!  The Lord spoke His plan, fulfilled His Words, and brings it all to completion…because He loves! Give thanks and praise that He welcomes all who will come to Him!

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