Exodus 15:22-25 Complaining?

Exodus 15:22-25…just 3 days after the miracle at the Red Sea and their singing praises to the Lord, the Israelites are discontent and grumbling to Moses because the water there in the wilderness is bitter. Moses cries to the Lord for help and the Lord shows him a tree branch.  Moses puts it in the water and the bitter water becomes sweet, fresh, and drinkable.

In Isaiah 11:1, we see that Yeshua Jesus is the Branch.  In Matthew 13:32, we read that the small mustard seed grows into a tree so that birds can nest in it.  In John 15:1, we read that Yeshua Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches.  All showing the prophetic value of the branch in Exodus.  Putting the branch in the bitter water makes it sweet!  Yeshua Jesus is the Seed of Abraham.  He is the Branch of Jesse, from the line of David.  Remember the tree of life in the Garden of Eden?  Yeshua Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life.  He is the Living Water!

Human life is bitter and corrupted, but when you put Yeshua Jesus in it, it becomes sweet, fresh, and drinkable.  He wants us to live in Him like a branch attached to the Vine and a bird nesting in a Tree.  Then He makes us in His image that we might also be sweet, fresh, and drinkable!

So, put away all discontent, grumbling, and complaining, instead cry out to the Lord and put Yeshua Jesus in your life.  And even when life in the wilderness world brings bitter situations, do not be discontent and grumbling, but continue to ask the Lord for help.  Do not forget the miracle of salvation…when He saved you from Egypt and parted the sea, making the Way so that you could cross to the other side.  Put away complaining, and keep on rejoicing and praising!  He can make the bitter be changed to sweet!

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