Exodus 15:25b-27 A Test

Exodus 15:25b-27….God has just tested His people to see if they learned anything from their past experiences with Him.  He is trying to grow them in spiritual maturity and relationship.  At the time of God’s signs and wonders to save and deliver them from Egypt, He gave them His appointment celebration of Passover as an ordinance and sign to remember Him.  He also gave them a way to mark their forehead and hand with His Word to remember to keep their mind and heart in Him with corresponding actions.  He was instructing and equipping them.

Instead of remembering God when things were not right (facing bitter water), the people grumble and complain in discontent.  Moses remembers to cry out to God.  Moses passes the test and God shows him His solution.   God can change the bitter to sweet.  By God’s love and grace and Moses obedience, they all get fresh water.  In verse 26,the Lord then reminds them of His ordinance to mark their mind in Him and His Word, and act accordingly.  These are the words of the Father…..

“If you will diligently listen and pay attention to the voice of your Lord God, and do what is right in His sight, and listen to His commandments, and keep foremost in your thoughts and actively obey all His precepts and statutes, then I will not put on you any of the diseases which I have put on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord who heals you.”

The Lord then brings them to a place of rest with 12 springs of fresh water and 70 date palm trees.  I believe this is a foreshadow of 12 intimate disciples of Yeshua Jesus and 70 ministering followers.  Luke 10:1.  Also, recall 12 is God’s  number of righteous full governance and 70 (7×10) is a multiplication of righteousness! Our Lord is perfect even to the details.  And Yeshua Jesus is the Word made/manifested inn flesh – John 1:14.  All of the Father’s Word points to Yeshua Jesus!  And Yeshua Jesus fulfills all of the Father’s Word!

What will the Israelites do next time trouble comes?  What will you do next time trouble comes?  Jesus taught us many times that in this world we would have trouble.  But, He added to rejoice because He has overcome the world.  John 16:33 (from bitter to sweet)

Do you know His Word so you can keep it foremost in your mind?  If you do know it, do you obey it?  Do you go to Him, focus on Him, and trust Him?  If not, then you are still under the bitter curse of disease, destruction, and plagues of the sinful world….trying to9 do it on your own or with other humans (humanism).  Only in believing in, trusting in, depending on, having faith in, relying on Him….with corresponding actions….. is there any healing or deliverance.

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