Exodus 16- quick intro

Making Exodus 16 real….it is easy to question how the Israelites could have been complaining to God after experiencing His mighty miracles to free them from Egypt.  But, the Israelites had been in Egypt for 430 years….multiple generations.  They had learned the lifestyle and customs of city life in Egypt.  They were no longer the nomadic tribes  in rural places.  They had even forgotten their God.  Now, they are coming to know and trust Good anew in a strange desolate wilderness.

How would we react under the same circumstances. What if we were brought to an African rural community with no money and told to make a subsistence life.  There is no media, business, school, or church organization for instruction.  We are given the Bible as our instructions on surviving.  What would our reaction be when we are faces with needs of water and food?

We are saved by grace, in relationship with God, and have been set free from the world systems.  But, now what do we do when faced with reality?  I can hear some grumbling and complaining.  Just maybe, we might remember to go to God like Moses did….we have to learn to trust Him with our very life.  We need to learn to listen and learn from Him.  We need to obey and do what He says.  That is the best way to survive and live!


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