Exodus 16 – God Meets Needs

We have been studying Exodus 16.  God met their needs for fresh water, manna that tasted like honey wafers when prepared into flat bread, and quail meat at evening.  Remember, there were 600,000 men not including women, children, and foreigners among them!

They were to collect one day’s portion every morning.  It had to be morning because it melted in the sunlight.  They were not to gather excess to keep overnight, but rather trust God to provide the next morning.  If they did try to store excess, it would get rotten and maggots.  ONLY on the 6th day were they to gather extra for the 7th day.  God wanted them to rest from their labors on the 7th day and keep it separated for fellowship with Him and one another. This extra did not rot.

He instructed Moses to put manna in a pot as testimony for future generations.  It would not get rotten.  Later, it was put in the Ark of the Covenant under the Mercy Seat.

These were specific instructions.  To live, they had to trust God and follow them specifically.  God provided the manna for the full 40 years of their time in the wilderness.  Every morning they gathered manna, except for the 7th day of holy rest.  Notice, God met their needs, not necessarily all their wants.

We also need to gather our Bread of Life every morning.  We can trust God to meet all our needs, one day at a time, but not necessarily all our wants…that is up to Him.

Cross reference this lesson with Matthew 6: 25-34.  God is the same yesterday, today and ever.  Hebrews 13:8

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