More Exodus 16 – Knowing God

Exodus 16…teaches us something about who God is, His character….some of this is an extension of the previous message…..

  1. He is a protector of His children against their enemy and enemies.  When we resist the enemy, He battles for us…HIS Word, HIS strength…when I am weak, He is strong.  Even His presence makes the enemy flee…light overcomes darkness.  At times, He may ask us to be still and watch the glorious deliverance of the Lord.  There are other times He asks us to battle with Him.
  2.  He loves His children, those who belong to Him, His peoplc who say He is their God…and He never leaves or forsakes them….His presence is always with them…whether they “feel it” or “see it” or not.
  3.  He is a perfect provider…exactly what we need, when we need it, exactly how much we need for what He calls us to….not more to spoil us or give us more than we can rightly deal with, nor less or falling short of being totally equipped and full.  He is not early or late.  He may choose to gift us with desires and extra abundance at His discretion and in His delight to give.
  4.  No matter how many times we fall or fail, He welcomes us back when our hearts remain open and repentant (willing to change, learn from Him, grow, follow His again).  He forgives and encourages.
  5.  He is very, very, very patient and long suffering….full of grace and mercy…with many multiple “second” chances…when the heart is right.
  6.  He gives instructions and guidance into how to live right so that life is good.  He expects His people to listen and follow Him to the best of their knowledge and ability.
  7.  He is not pleased when we test Him or His Word.  We are to trust Him and His Word.  He should not have to prove it to us or be demanded He meet a certain time, a certain way, in a certain place.  We do not use Him or His Word to get our way or to get Him to act.  We believe His words as promises because He cannot lie and is totally trustworthy. We do not tell Him how to accomplish or fulfill His Word.  He will do it in His higher wisdom and higher way.
  8.  He is always right…righteous.  He is always absolute truth.  He disciplines so that we can learn righteousness and truth.  He judges evil so that good prevails.
  9.  He never fails.
  10.  He is Deliverer and Redeemer…continually and forever.
  11.  He leads and guides those who will come to Him and listen, and then obey.
  12.  He is a good Father.

Maybe you can thing of more characteristics of God from Exodus?

How wonderful to get to know God, our Father, more!

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