More Exodus 16…Living in the Wilderness

Exodus 16 – living in the wilderness… the same pattern/way as the Israeliteds, we live in the wilderness of the world.  When we come into the redeemed relationship with Jesus, He leads us out of the world…like Moses led the people out of Egypt.  God does not take them immediately to the promised land because they need to come to now Him first and they need training.  In the same way, when we are saved, He does not immediately take us to heaven.  While we live in our wilderness world, we come to know and trust Him and learn to receive His training.  He knows the good plan and purpose He has for each one of us.

What kind of training? Pastor David Pawson teaches these 6 basic lessons taught to the Israelites in the wilderness, that each of us also must learn while we live in our wilderness world…

  1. We learn that God is a good provider…what I need, when I need it, exactly what and how much I need….I need to listen to and exactly do God’s right instructions, and then things will turn out right in my life.  If I do things my own way, even with just small changes, I get those consequences.
  2.  We learn that God is faithful and ever present….now that I belong to God, I am always in His presence…in the good times and even in the bitter trouble times.  He is there, I just need to recognize, acknowledge, and talk with Him to be aware of it.
  3.  We learn that God is our protection against evil.  When I face the enemy, I trust God to overcome, not my own efforts or strength.
  4.  I am inadequate in myself….too weak, not smart enough, not equipped, not able to cope in this world myself….I was made for relationship with Him……I need to humble myself and depend/rely on God. He is superior and in authority.
  5. I am in the flesh and in the world (Egypt) and therefore exiperience the temptation to be pulled back into it. I need to resist that urge and persevere in following God in heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  6.  I may desire and strive to be faithful, but when faced with needs or failures, I may fall into faithlessness and doubt.  God helps me time after time.  Yet, when things are not right, I complain, panic, get into hopelessness, fear, get angry, get depressed, get worried, doubt and even may murmur against God by questioning His love and faithfulness!  I do not trust Him and so I become faithless.  I may even try to test Him to prove His Word!  I need to go back to remembering lessons 1, 2, 3.

Are you actively participating in learning these lessons and cooperating with His training and discipline…because He loves you and is making you into His image and likeness.  Are you growing in a trusting relationship with Him, your Heavenly Father?

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