Exodus 17: 8-15 Fighting the Battle

Exodus 17: 8-15…Fighting the Battle.  There are times God says to be still and know that He is Lord.  That is what happened during the plagues in Egypt and crossing the Red Sea.  There are other times He calls us to work or fight with Him.  He instructed them to gather the manna He provided every morning.  But, when the Amalek people attack God’s people, He tells them to fight.

Notice God’s strategy.  He sends the older spiritually mature to the mountain to hold up the rod to heaven.   He sends the younger multitude to right with the sword.  As long as the leader, Moses, keeps his hands raised to heaven with support of his brother and brother-in-law, God’s people have the victory.

Today, the church is God’s people.  This gives us, as God’s people, a pattern for fighting our enemy who is Satan and evil.  When we are attacked and engage in battle, the leaders, the older and more spiritually mature, must raise their hands to heaven in prayer, crying out to God.  They hold up the rod, who is Jesus, in His name and authority.  This is not only the responsibility of the one leader, but with his brothers (Jewish genealogy  and brother-in-law (Gentile genealogy)….the two made into one new man, the body of Christ.  The older fathers pray support for the younger men who are equipped with swords, those who are engaged in the battle.  Remember, the Word of God is our sword.  Please read Hebrews 4:12 and Ephesians 6:17.  Also. please read 1 John 2: 13-14.  We see the same pattern there.

Being now I am an older Christian, this lesson is especially important to me.  Prayer is highly essential in the body of Christ if we are going to win against Satan and evil in this world.  No matter how old, we can pray and always be of great value by prayerful intercession to strengthen the lives of the younger!  Notice that both prayer and active engagement are hard work and can be very tiring.  It can also be a long battle.  We need to uplift one another and persevere….always holding up Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, always realizing that it is God who really brings us the victory!

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