Exodus 18 – Strife and Division in the Camp

Exodus 18 – strife and division in the camp.  While in the wilderness, God’s people had to fight the enemy, but here we see they also had to deal with strife and division within their own camp! That still holds true for God’s people today!  The enemy will use division and chaos, as well as deception and distraction to try to defeat God’s people.  We need to stay alert stay on guard, be selfless and love one another.  Again, one way is to speak the truth in love.

Moses takes advise on how to structure authority over the people.  This reminds me of Paul’s instructions to Timothy on how to set up leadership in the church in 1 Timothy 3.  In Ephesians 5-6, Paul teaches about the authority and responsibility in the structure of the family.  Our God is orderly and not full of chaos or division.  Yet, those in authority must be mature to operate in love, truth, honesty, selflessly, with responsibility.  It is the picture of a body functioning together…all following the direction of the head.  In the body of Christ, we follow the mind of Christ.  We must pursue knowing and living in the Word of God.  The Israelites were following Moses as he followed the words of Father God.

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