Exodus 19 – Serious Business

Exodus 19 – Serious business!  God has delivered and set free His people.  He takes them into the wilderness, away from the influence of worldly Egypt, to instruct, teach, and train them.  They are out of Egypt physically, but they still have Egypt inside of them in their thoughts and habitual behavior and lifestyle…what they think is the right way to live.  God begins teaching them that obeying His is the best way to live.  He gives simple instructions and then watches to see if they follow.  They begin  to learn that by following His instructions they can be fed and defeat their enemies.

We ended last time with division within God’s people.  They needed leaders, good and just leaders, to settle differences and speak truth.  Now, God is going to teach them about wisdom and justice. Read chapter 19 and be amazed!  As you read it, remember Proverbs 1:7 (Amplified version)…

“The reverent fear of the Lord, that is worshipping Him and regarding His as truly awesome, is the beginning and preeminent part of knowledge, its starting point and its essence; but arrogant fools despise skillful and godly wisdom and instruction and self discipline.”

Especially notice verse 5, “if you will in fact obey My voice and keep My covenant then you will be My own special possession and treasure from among all people, for all the earth is Mine, and you will be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation set apart for My purpose.”

In verse 8, the people reply, “we will do everything that the Lord has spoken.”  Will they really?

The Lord then gives very specific instructions with severe judgements if not followed.  He is serious about this! God also demonstrates His awesome power and justice that brings reverent fear to their hearts and minds!  He is revealing more of Himself to leave a lasting impression!  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!  And following His commands specifically is wise!  God is not hiding anything or playing any games.  He is telling the truth and expecting His people to follow what He says!

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