More Exodus 19 – Almighty Holy God

Do you really know all the true character of God?  Or maybe you just know a few things about Him…the things you want to know and believe!

God is not only puffy white clouds in a blue sky, rainbows, sunshine, a fresh breeze, and butterflies. He is mighty as the fire on the mountain, the dark clouds full of thunder and lightening, and the uncomfortable alarm blast of the trumpet.  Know Him for who He is.

We have been reading in Exodus.  The Israelites had grown up in Egypt learning about many pagan gods (idols)… the sun god, the fertility god, the river god, the frog god, etc….lots of gods.  They had also heard about their God but had never really known or experienced Him.  Moses came to introduce them to the One True God –       I AM.

They were accustomed to religious works, sacrifices, and prayerful petitions.  They were accustomed to playing religious games and attending religious ceremonies out of fear that if they did not be religious, they would be cursed.  But, they also thought they could bargain and manipulate the gods for their own benefit.  Even Pharaoh tried to bargain with God concerning removing the plagues and setting God’s people free.  God did not bargain or compromise.

Today, people still create their own image of who God is and many also play the religious games…hoping they can convince or please God into benefiting them.  Maybe they can dutifully go to church on Sunday and live pretty good the other days and that will keep God happy.  Maybe they can speak, pray, give, or worship according to a special method or formula to get God and His miracles to work for them.  God will not allow it!  We are not to try to manipulate and control God or for that matter other people also…that is witchcraft! Here, we see a side of God that most do not acknowledge and will not even look at and consider.

God is the Sovereign Creator of heaven and earth and everything in it, including man!  He is not to be manipulated and is not bargained with or persuaded to move out of truth and righteousness!  He stands firm in justice.  We see this awesome, all powerful, dynamic, immovable, pure, holy side of Him in chapter 19.  Our God is ultimate powerful holy righteous authority.  He does not tolerate any filth or corruption to touch Him.  He is a huge rock solid mountain.  He is not a tall pyramid of hewn stone made by man to reach the heavens.  He made the stones and the mountains and is hugely bigger than both!  Do you really think man-made can even compare to God-made?

No fooling around….He is giving evidence of who He is on the mountain, the fire and dark cloud over the mountain, the thunder and lightening, the loud, fearful, alarming trumpet like sound….along with the warning that even after being cleaned up and having put away the lustful desires of the flesh, they were still too corrupt and foolish to touch Him!  Warning:  My holiness will kill all corruption, filth and foolish unrighteousness!

God knew their hearts and minds.  He was protecting them knowing they could not like in His presence due to their unrighteousness and foolishness (lack of knowledge).  Moses had come to know God, to humble himself before God, to trust His Word, and understood the necessity of absolute obedience.  He was separated unto God in spiritual maturity and could enter into His presence….after having been cleansed and setting aside his flesh…always in humble reverential fear of the Lord.  He could then share the Word of the Lord to instruct and lead God’s children into the fear of the Lord and righteousness.

We cannot put God in a box of who we want Him to be.  He is truth.  He is right (righteousness) always.  He is who He is.  We worship Him in His spirit and His truth.  It is essential to get to know who God really is!

He means serious business when He is giving instructions/commands.  He expect them to be obeyed.  Jesus taught us another huge component of obedience….

“If you really love Me, you will keep and obey My commandments.”  John 14:15.  Do we really love Him?  Do we know what His commandments are?

“For the Lord disciplines and corrects those whom He loves.”  Hebrews 12: 6

Our Heavenly Father is the best good Father!  He speaks, instructs, disciplines, and does what is best for us.  And in Jesus through repentance and faith, we can be saved, made clean, and even enter humbly into His presence.

“If we really walk in the light (that is live each and every day in conformity with the precepts of God) as He Himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another (He with us and we with Him) and so the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin (by erasing the stain of sin, keeping us cleansed from sin in all its forms and manifestations).  1 John 1:7

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