Exodus – Prodigal Son Pattern

Remember the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15? Even when you have agreed to be adopted by the Heavenly Father, He still allows you choice. He brings you into His house and blesses you. But, you still need to decide if you are going to stay and follow the “house rules” and jobs (purposes) or if you are going back into the world for what you perceive as comforts, pleasures, friends, entertainment, and “living the good life”…. to live the way you want.

The problem is that the world is full of lies, manipulations, distractions, foolishness, greed, violence, starvation of body, soul, and mind. It is much different than living with the Father. Where you choose to live is the consequences you get. Are worldly riches really better than the riches in the Father’s house? Who and what are you living for?

The good news is that the heart of the Father desires for you to come back to Him! He will allow the mess in the world to touch you and bring you to your senses in order to bring you back to Him! He will find ways to remind you of how good it is to live with Him. And He will welcome you home with love and joy as if you ever left and are royalty.

Yet, He stands in truth and righteousness (right living). You will need to learn His ways and change (repent) in order to live with Him.

We can see the same pattern in the lives of any of the patriarchs in Genesis. We can see the same pattern with Moses and God’s people in Exodus. We even have the same pattern in Revelation! I hope the really bad stuff happening in the world will drive people to their senses and back into the arms of the Heavenly Father!

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