Exodus 23: 14-19 Holy Days

Here are celebration and feast day instructions for God’s appointed Holy Days. Jesus kept these appointed Holy Days in Jerusalem. We also find in the New Testament, that Paul and the disciples kept these feasts. Three times a year God’s people are to come together to celebrate and remember God.

In the Spring, they are to keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread which is at the same time as Passover. They are to remember deliverance from Egypt and their call to obey and try to live a sinless life. This is also the foreshadow of Jesus, our sinless Unleavened Bread from heaven (like manna) and our Passover Lamb, the sacrifice so that our sins can be forgiven and we can have eternal abundant life. Another celebration is the Firstfruits of Harvest. Jesus is the Firstfruit of resurrection. At the end of harvest in the Fall, they are to celebrate the Feast of Ingathering. This is God’s prophetic foreshadowing of Jesus second coming when we will be gathered together unto Him in that last end time harvest.

Even the specific instructions have meaning. Do not come empty handed…you need to invest yourself in honoring God and showing Him your love and faithfulness. Do not sacrifice blood with yeast. The blood is to get rid of sin, not to keep sinning (leaven) along with it. Jesus rids us of sin and His blood is sinless. Do not cook a goat in its mother’s milk. A mother’s milk is to nourish its children, not contribute to consuming its young. In communion, we eat the body and drink the blood of Jesus which nourishes us and gives us life, never to consume or hurt us.

Imagine if we still celebrated these Holy Days remembering the whole gospel message and giving thanks to God! We would no longer need to sacrifice animals because Jesus completed that work on the cross saying “It is finished.” We would be obeying God’s commands and instructions like Jesus did.

Again, the Roman Catholi1c Church along with the Roman Empire forbid these feasts and turned them into Easter in the Spring equinox to honor pagan fertility gods and compromise by adding Jesus resurrection. They forbid the Fall feasts and turned them into Christmas with celebration at the winter solstice to celebrate pagan gods, especially the sun god, who was welcomes to begin to rise and shine longer….and compromised this as the celebration of Jesus birth. Actually, Jesus was born sometime around the end of September or beginning of October. Our American celebration of Thanksgiving is closer to being like the Feast of Ingathering.

I often wonder what God thinks about people changing His appointed holy days celebrations!

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