Exodus 25-27 Tabernacle and Furnishings

Exodus 25-27 Tabernacle and Furnishings. The materials were to be collected from the people who had been given Egyptian goods and riches right before leaving Egypt. So, they had the rich things needed to build the tabernacle and its furnishings. Exodus 25:8, Moses was to make the tabernacle tent and furnishings exactly as God showed him. Hebrews explains why it important to be accurate to the detail.

Hebrews 8:5 says the tabernacle on earth is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven. Again, it all points to Jesus! So, it must be right in all the details.

Let’s begin with a quick tour…there is a tall wall of heavy tent curtain surrounding the specified area. There is only one way into this courtyard at the eastern gate. This foreshadows that Jesus is the only way into the presence of God. Jesus is the Light of the world and the bright Morning Star. This wall cannot be climbed over or under. This entrance curtain is decorated in blue, purple, and scarlet twisted together threads representing heavenly blue righteousness (blue), royalty (purple), and the blood of sacrifice to save man whose life blood is red (red).

Upon entering, the first thing in view is the alter of sacrifice. Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb of God is the first encounter when a person desires to know God and be enabled into His presence. We must repent of our sins and offer ourselves by now identifying with Jesus as our substitute and head. We are purchased by His blood.

There is also a bronze basin with water for cleansing. In Exodus 30, it says the priests were supposed to wash there. After we come to Jesus, we are to be baptized in water. With Jesus in us, we become priests unto God to minister to others.

We move from the outer courtyard into the inner court in the center of the tabernacle. To our right is the table holding 12 loaves of unleavened bread, with 6 in two piles. This represents the 12 tribes of Israel and later the 12 disciples. Jesus is the Unleavened Bread of Life. He is also the Word made flesh and we are to eat/consume His body. So, this bread also represents the Word that we consume. Remember, He is also the manna bread from heaven.

Across from the table, on the left side is the 7 stemmed candlestick lampstand called the Menorah. The fire burns by pure oil. Oil is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is full of the Holy Spirit. This light is to always stay lit and never go out. Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit to baptize (dunk and immerse) us in His Holy Spirit inside and outside.

A little further down in the center of this inner courtyard and right before the curtain into the Holy of Holies is the Alter of Incense. This is the symbol of sweet smelling prayers rising to God from His priests. This curtain separating God’s people from God’s mercy and judgement seat…in His presence…had beautiful, royal decorations. This is the curtain that was torn supernaturally when Jesus was crucified….thus giving us an open door to God the Father.

The innermost Holy of Holies is the place of God’s presence. It is a covered tent within the courtyard. It holds the Ark of the Covenant and is the place called His mercy seat…..but in the book of Revelation is also a Seat of judgement. The cover of the Ark has two angels facing one another with the space between for God’s seat. This is like His throne in heaven with cherubim and seraphim angels on either side. Inside the Ark of Covenant are the two stone tablets with the 10 Commandments, Aaron’s rod that budded with new life, and a container of manna, the bread from heaven that never spoiled. All of these things point to Jesus who is in God the Father and is the covenant of promise. He is the fulfillment of the law and covenant. He is the bread of life. He is life from the dead in His resurrection.

If you want a visual of the tabernacle and its furnishings, go online and search “tabernacle photo”. There is so, so, so much more to the synmbolism and foreshadow spoken through the tabernacle and furnishings…books have been written about it. Hebrews has a lot to say about it. If you want more free information, just search online with “tabernacle foreshadowing” or for a video maybe “tabernacle Christ youtube”. So much to learn, so little time. But what a blessing when we take the time!

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