Exodus 29 – Consecration and Ordination

Exodus 29 is about consecration and ordination…meaning to set apart, dedicate to god, and make holy, for ministry. This is definitely true of Jesus, but being we are under Him as His priests, we are4 also to be consecrated (set apart) to Him for ordination of ministry.

We see the bull used for sacrifice. In the Hebrew language and mindset, the bull/ox is used as the symbol for the father who is the power, strength burden bearer, head and authority of the family and household. Here, the bull is sacrificed at the front entrance of the tabernacle, but the flesh and intestines burned outside the camp. This is Jesus who is the Way into the Holy Place, but who was crucified outside Jerusalem. Jesus died and became our sacrifice that we might be set apart from evil and the world dedicated to God and made holy for ministry to the Father. Jesus is our strength, power, burden bearer, head, High Priest, and has authority over His whole household!

Notice the blood of the bull is applied to the 4 horns of the alter. The horns like the bull represent power and strength, plus 4 represents the 4 corners of the world (north, south, east, west)..so His blood covers the whole earth. Jesus blood and power of salvation and deliverance is for everyone. The rest of the blood is put at the base of the alter. Jesus is our foundation the cornerstone, the Rock that we, His house, is built upon. Consider the instructions to set apart the fat, internal organs, liver, and kidney. Internal organs are required for life. The liver and kidney cleanse the body of toxins. The fat holds the extra energy like oil. Can you see Jesus in this? I can. The flesh and intestines are4 burned outside the camp. We are to crucify and kill our sinful flesh and filthy parts of our worldly life. God is so marvelous in the details!

These are 2 rams. Remember in Genesis how God provided a ram to be sacrificed instead of Isaac? Jesus is the sacrificial ram. The first ram is presented to the Father as a sweet smelling offering. Jesus offered Himself for us as the Son of God…paid the penalty of our sin that we might be loved by the Father and come into relationship with Him…a sweet smell and very pleasing to God.

The second ram was Jesus sacrifice for us as the Son of Man. The blood was applied to the ear, right hand, and right big toe. We should remember that the blood of Jesus should cover all we hear, what we do as priority actions, and where we primarily go! The blood is also pout on the alter to cover and forgive us for the times our hearing, doing, and going is not right (righteous). Again, the fat, internal organs, liver, and kidney have special instructions./treatment.

In verses 27-28, we read that the breast and thigh are to be waved before the Lord and totally consumed by the priests prepared in a holy set apart place, but eaten at the entrance to the tabernacle for all to see. ONLY the priests can consume it. What is not consumed cannot be saved for the next day, but must be sacrificially returned to God because it is sacred. Likewise, the body of Christ can ONLY be consumed by His set apart people. We are also told to consume His Word, He is the Word made flesh. We need Him new every day….no carry over. We live in Him publicly that others desire to enter into His presence. What we do not consume goes back to God, for He is holy and not to be profaned, or scorned.

to be continued……

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