Exodus 29 – More Consecration and Ordination Instructions

Use the anointing oil. Verse 7, pour the pure anointing oil on the head of the High Priest. Jesus, our head and High Priest, is anointed and full of the Holy Spirit. Verse 21, sprinkle anointing oil on the garments of the High Priest and all the priests. In Jesus and His righteousness, we are covered by the Holy Spirit. Anoint the alter with anointing oil to consecrate it and make it Holy. The Holy Spirit will consecrate and make holy all who come to the alter in repentance for sin.

Consecration and ordination is to be for 7 days….the complete and full number of righteousness. This also reminds me of the 7 days of creation and corresponding 7 days/7000 years of this age, before God creates a new heaven and new earth. Jesus paid for our sin for the whole span of 7….full and complete payment. He paid for sins past, present, and future. He is Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

Let’s not forget the unleavened bread sacrifices. Jesus is the sinless(without leaven) Bread of Life, broken for us for the remission of sin. Like a circle, He has no beginning or end, and is eternal. There are thick loaves with oil inside. There are thin loaves with oil spread over the top. We are to be immersed (baptized) in the Holy Spirit…inside and out….just as Jesus was totally filled and covered in the Holy Spirit! This bread with oil is waved before the Lord as worship and is well pleasing to Him!

Beginning in verse 38, we see instructions for daily sacrifices: two lambs, one in the morning and the second at twilight…along with find flour, oil, and wine. We are to be aware of God’s presence every day and every night…always, consistently. Jesus covers us every day, every morning, every night…always, consistently, faithfully. We are to meditate in His Word day and night, consistently. Jesus is the Lamb of God, His finest Bread of Life, His blood is the finest wine, all full of the Holy Spirit oil and power…always, forever, and consistently, faithfully, everywhere!

Verses 42-46, in this sacred place of His presence with this Way through Jesus with the Holy Spirit we can be in God’s presence and He will speak to us! In Jesus, we are the living temple of God! We are set apart to God through Jesus and are His! He dwells with us and in us! And we will know He is God, and that He is our Lord!

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