Exodus 30:11-16 Our Life, Our Ministry

Exodus 30: 11-16. We find instructions for giving of our life’s work into God’s ministry. This applies to every adult over 20 years old. Everyone gives the same amount, no matter how rich or poor. It is a ransom price to deliver each individual from the sin consequences of plagues and curses in the fallen world. All of this money is to be used exclusively for the service of the tent tabernacle and meetings.

How does this apply to us today? Every adult over 20 must account for their life and the work of their hands. The same price is required by every person regardless of how rich or poor. The required payment is perfect righteousness and sinless works. This is not humanly possible…so we are imprisoned and waiting for our ransom price to be paid. We are held captive with consequences of plagues and curses due to sin. But God, has made a way of escape. Jesus has provided our ransom from the penalty of the curse of sin and death! He ransoms us when we give our life and works to follow Him. And all we offer to Him is to be used exclusive in service of His ministry. Today, we live in a new living covenant through Jesus, the fulfillment of this old covenant in Exodus.

Verses 17-21, we find instructions for the bronze cleansing basin. Bronze is strong and brilliant, but not as precious as gold. This basin was positioned in the courtyard between the altar of sacrifice at the entrance to the tabernacle and the door into the covered tent of meeting (where we find the lampstand, table of bread, and altar of incense). This basin was the place for priests to cleanse their hands and feet before ministering. Without cleansing first, death would result.

How does this apply to us today as priests under Jesus? We are humans, made in the image of God, but not gods unto ourselves (humanism). We are bronze, not gold. WE have become His priests for ministry through the sacrifice of Jesus, but we still need continual cleansing to minister. If we try to minister without cleansing, we will only perpetuate death. This cleansing water also represents both water baptism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit that enables us to minister. But, this cleansing is not a one time deal. It continues to be a continual necessity in our whole life!

We see these same principles in the New Testament….
1 Timothy 2:6, Matthew 20:28, Galatians 3:13, Jesus paid our ransom and redeemed us from the curse.
1 John 3:16, Matthew 16:26, We give our lives and work to Jesus, we give and lay down our lives in ministry to others.
Romans 3:23, Acts 2:38. 1 John 1: 8-10, All people sin and fall short of God’s glory. Be baptized for cleansing and remission of sin. If we admit and confess sin, He will continually forgive us and cleanse us that we might walk and fellowship with Him in His Light.

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